Earth-friendly Gifts Benefit Local Earth-friendly Non-profits

Satin Scarf - Cotinus and Coreopsis

Imagine wearing a beautiful silk scarf printed with flowers and native plants! Sedona Plant Prints uses exclusively Sedona-grown plants to do just that. The process is called “Eco-printing.”

The organic nature of the botanical eco-printing process lets each piece carry the inner energy of the plants and the place it grows, making your scarf a wearable work of "plant and terroir art."

Flat Crepe Scarf - Sulphur Cosmos-Marigold

These scarves celebrate the beauty of our garden and our region with no toxic chemicals.

Each scarf is made sustainably and echoes our commitment to the environment. The eco-printing process uses plants - their flowers, stems, leaves, or roots - resulting in silk scarves, that are eco-friendly works of plant art.

Crepe de Chine Scarf - Coreopsis-Cotinus-Larkspur-Marigold

Your Purchase Can Make a Difference

When you make a purchase, 25% of what you pay is donated to your choice of one of three local change-making organizations:

Visit the website to find out how.

No two scarves are alike. They are absolutely unique, original, one-of-a-kind, just like a painting.

View the video below to see the plants used for dye and eco-printing:

Wear Art from Plants

Give a gift that carries the beauty and energy of Sedona, while benefitting one of her Earth-friendly organizations!

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