December, 2018
Promoting community events, information, and opportunities that improve or promote the sustainability and livability of Thunder Bay.
Get involved and join a working group!  Working Groups are the horsepower that help to achieve the goals set out in the EarthCare Sustainability Plan . If you would like to attend a working group meeting please contact the Chairs:
Climate Adaptation:  Aynsley Klassen

Community Greening:  Kyle Jessiman

Food Strategy Council or Working Groups:  Karen Kerk

Mobility - Walkability:  Joanna Carastathis

Waste:  Dan Munshaw

Water:   Samuel Pegg

Thunder Bay Signs on with Commute Ontario -
A Province-wide Sustainable Transportation Program 
“Dad, I hope when I grow up I have a fulfilling career and a high stress commute,” said no kid ever. It may be a quippy catch phrase used by Commute Ontario to promote its new, turnkey program which launched this fall, but it also speaks to a reality that’s being seen across the province – people want to spend less time stuck in their cars during their daily commute.

SustainMobility (the non-profit social enterprise behind Commute Ontario) was awarded a three-year Grow grant of $710,000 by the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) earlier this year.

Commute Ontario provides programs and tools which promote active and sustainable transportation to municipalities and workplaces across Ontario completely free of charge.

The City of Thunder Bay has just signed on with Commute Ontario, making the program available to not only City of Thunder Bay employees, but all workplaces within Thunder Bay who choose to sign-up and participate.

“Joining SustainMobility’s Commute Ontario program is a huge opportunity for the City of Thunder Bay. It complements programs that we currently partake in such as the Commuter Challenge and Safe Cycling Thunder Bay, but takes it to a new level,” explains Adam Krupper, Mobility Coordinator – City of Thunder Bay. “The program’s online employer platform will help us meaningfully engage with employees year-round and hopefully see bigger shifts in commuting habits.”

W aste and Recycling Tips for the Holidays
Gift Wrap Is Not Recyclable   
Did you know that glittery, coloured, and metallic wrapping paper is not recyclable? It’s heavily saturated with dye and contains little fibre for recycling – so it ends up in the landfill. We encourage you to skip buying gift wrap this year. Instead, choose eco-friendly alternatives such as newspaper, old maps, sheet music, outdated calendars, foliage, brown kraft paper, twine, ribbons, homemade boxes and bows, and fabric. Re-purpose and re-use! It can be a fun family activity. For more ideas visit:  
Keep it Superior Storm Drain Education Program
EcoSuperior and the City of Thunder Bay have teamed up for the Keep it Superior Storm Drain Education Program to educate residents about the impacts of pollution entering urban storm drains. This campaign aims to remind people to prevent polluting our lake by making sure run-off includes nothing but rain!


" Migratory birds are facing challenges with the changing climate. Birds migrate from one place to another because of changing seasonal temperatures and food availability. Arriving at the wrong time may cause survival problems for the birds due to lack of food and habitat. "

Take two minutes to share your own photo message about climate change in the Thunder Bay region at
Handmade Gifts are Sweet and

A few gift ideas: baked goods, homemade jams/sauces/spice mixes/ vanilla extract/marshmallows/granola, DIY candles and holders, coasters, photo books, framed art or family photos, bath bombs and sugar scrubs, homemade soap, knitting, ornaments, gift baskets, and wines.
We need a healthy environment to have a healthy economy and society.

EarthCare Thunder Bay is a partnership between the City of Thunder Bay and the Community to work together on issues of community sustainability.