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Dear Earthlight Soul Family,

Last night, September 29th, was a Super Moon in the sign of Aries, and I did not sleep a wink! What about you? Aries is a fire sign ruled by Mars, the planet of war! It is not the time to get into arguments, avoid fights, or have disagreements with your neighbors. Cooling yourself down, soothing yourself, and breathing through really charged emotions is a super skill that must be practiced. My higher self led me to start a kundalini yoga kirya set for cleansing the liver, which is the organ that can store heat and anger. While doing this challenging set of yogic exercises, I felt pushed to the max; however, in the end, the inner peace welled up, and I was prepared to face whatever was thrown my way during the upcoming week. 

Now that we have fully entered the Fall Season, it is time to detox and start eating foods harvested in the Autumn.

Dr. Akmal has a Free 1-hour Zoom lecture on October 5th, an excellent way to start. I highly recommend a private session with him as we enter the flu and virus season so you have a holistic approach to building your immune system so you do not get ill this fall or winter!  

I invite all Earthlight Souls Friends to meet me on Sunday, Oct 08, 2023 at the 35th yearly Natural Living Expo at the Marriott in College Park, MD. I plan to arrive around noon, and we can meet in the lobby for a bit of real human reconnection and then walk around to the many holistic healer's booths and artist displays. Just email or text me if you would like to join. The entrance is just $10. The link is below. 


Beverly L Nickerson, Sea Shell Reader, Sensitive, Shamanic Practitioner, Sacred Journeys

Instagram Link Abalone Shell Meaning

90-second reel, click the link below

Sea Goddess
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Register ForNatural Living Expo Sunday, Oct 8, 2023

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Pathways Productions Presents…

Fall 2023 Natural Living Expo

Sunday, Oct 8, 2023, 10 am–6 pm

 The Mind • Body • Spirit Event of the Season!

The College Park Marriott Hotel & Conference Center in College Park, MD

3501 University Blvd., East, Hyattsville, MD, 20783

Chantress Seba Soothing To The Sounds Soothing To The Soul

Chantress Seba Sounds Soothing To The Souls

Full Moon Sound Healing (1hr) - 1111hz Frequency - Let Go and Connect To Your Guardian Angels

The Healing Power of Autumn

Annual Lecture

Dr. Akmal Muwwakkil

1 hr |Free

October 5, 2023, 7:00 PM

In Autumn, the sap recedes back towards the root of the tree as the leaves lose their nourishment and fall off the trees. Our body also changes during autumn. Our Qi (energy), blood, and body fluids also recede deeper into our body to begin the replenishment process of nutrients. Healing Power of Autumn Lecture is a one-hour lecture that promotes the ability to nourish, cleans and invigorate cells during autumn, reducing and/or eliminating the prevalence of respiratory disharmonies. The lecture discusses methods of enhancing immunity.

To Register for FREE


Dr. Akmal T. Muwwakkil is the President of The Energy Institute of the Healing Arts Foundation, Inc., a more than 25-year 501 C (3) nonprofit Wholistic health care educational organization. He has developed the Healen Arts Wellness Studio. Dr. Muwwakkil has been involved in Complementary Alternative Health Care (Functional Medicine) since 1974. He is an herbalist with a BS, MS, and Ph.D. in Nutrition from the American Holistic College of Nutrition, Acupuncturist, Tui Na, Qigong Master.

Oct Sea Shell Message
Tiger Cowrie-Meaning
Possessing great faith;having no fear!
Ocean Oracle Reading
On Zoom $80
[email protected] Text 703-401-9663 c
How do you stay calm amid the transition into New Earth? The water has broken now we go into the painful contractions! How can you feel grounded and safe? Especially if you are a sensitive, empath, clairvoyant, medicine person, light worker, or healer, it is time to put on your light etheric suit of Amor, or suit or LOVE, pull out your golden toolbox, and use a different tool each day. If you like help, I can help you using the tool box I build for myself.

Code earthlight 10% off the first Tee Shirt

Embrace positivity: use your well-being.

Change starts with your thoughts and habits

Let your words inspire others! Our positive message shirts are designed to remind you of the importance of maintaining an optimistic attitude. With encouraging and motivating phrases, these garments will help you radiate positivity and joy in your day-to-day life.

Founder Ron Mohl, Over the course of several years, since 1981, as a meditator and a facilitator, Ron’s goal has been to help people find inner peace and lead more natural lives. To achieve this, Ron has mastered different meditation techniques and led workshops for professionals, children, and enthusiasts of all ages. He is formally certified in meditation methods such as Raja Yoga Meditation and Transcendental Meditation.


Carlos The Medium

Email: [email protected]

Instagram and TikTok: @carlosthemedium

Click Below To Book Session & More Information

Carlos is a very talented and highly sought-after evidential medium, psychic, and spiritual teacher based in the Washington, DC, area. He possesses a natural and sensational ability to connect with those who are now in Spirit.

Besides being well known as a medium for helping his clients obtain healing closure, he also provides life direction to many who seek his services utilizing his strong psychic and intuitive abilities.

Carlos is available for In-Person, Zoom Video, and Phone sessions.

Mention “Earthlight Promotions” for $10 off a 30 min session or $20 off for a 50 min session.

" I just had a 30-minute session with Carlos, and all the people I wrote down on the 3X5 card came through to just say hello or more profound guidance, such as possible places to have Sacred Retreats in the near future and answers to money issues I face at this moment. Feeling so supported by my ancestors and friends, knowing they are looking out for me, I have more pep in my step after hearing from them! "

Beverly L Nickerson

*Promo Valid until Oct 31st, 2023


Sound Healing with Dante 

Fri Date: Oct 06, 2023 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Mind Your Body Oasis

Underground Crystal City Shops

241 18th St S (1664 C Suite 39B)

Arlington, VA 22202

(703) 567-1290

Register Link Below:

Have you ever asked, “What does raising your vibration mean?”

Resonance is the normal healthy vibration of an object in harmony with the object next to it. The human body is like an orchestra. If one player is 'out of tune' with the rest of the orchestra, a disharmonic sound will be created. Sound healing is using sounds and instruments to tune dissonant frequencies in the body and mind and bring them into harmony.

Each tone and frequency affects us in a specific way–activating a different energy center, chakra, and organ system within the body. For inexperienced meditators, sound healing is more accessible than silent meditation because the sounds serve as a beautiful focal point, making it easier to clear and focus the mind.

This workshop provides several potent tools that can help us to influence our frequency through practicing breathing exercises, asana, guided meditation, and vocal toning. The melodic sounds of crystal singing bowls, antique metal singing bowls, wooden drone flutes, tongue drums, and chimes will accompany all these exercises. Sign up today and begin your journey toward harmonizing the mind, body, and spirit.

 Investment: $45


64 Ariel: Archangel of Animals and the Environment

Celebrating the Love the Creator has for the environment and its creatures.

Shop On-Line Below:

Eva M. Sakmar-Sullivan, Artist

Community Cacao Ceremony Narda Ruby Siwar Qenti

Cacao has been used in ceremonies of many ancient American tribes long before we learned how to make chocolate out of it. Many cacao takers have proved it's a great source of health benefits to nourish our physical and energetic bodies.

Cacao takes root in South and Central America, where the ancient Mayan civilization occupied the Western land of the Andes Mountains. The aroma and magical benefits of the cacao trees captured the attention of the Mayan tribe. The ancient Mayans of Belize treated cacao as the “Food of the God” under the name “Theobroma cacao.” “Theo” stands for “food,” and “Broma” stands for “God.”

Benefits of Cacao

Cacao Opens Your Heart

Heightens Meditation

Cacao Develops Your Creativity

Cacao Enhances Energy

Cacao Clarifies Your Mentality

Cacao Brings Peace

Narda Ruby Siwar Qenti -Medicine Woman • Healer • Facilitator

Washington, D.C.

Narda was born in Ecuador; as an Incan descendant, her gifts come to light, and her heart expands full of joy every time she gets to cultivate her daily Sun gazing/movement along with gentle yoga practices and meditation in Nature first thing in the morning.

She is a Kambo Practitioner, tonic herb enthusiast, raw food/ vegan, and Ayurvedic advocate. Narda also regularly hosts cacao ceremonies with Origen cacao and Mandala chocolate. 

She has been a traveler and learned different therapeutic and healing arts, such as Herbal Medicine, Qigong, Breathing Techniques, Sound Healing, Aromatherapy, and Reflexology/gentle massage.

She is also a sacred space facilitator. Her inner and outer exploration has led her to understand more about the healing properties of the traditional Amazonian medicines used by her ancestors in Ecuador.

These tools, along with her compassion and nurturing care, have allowed her to be of service to others by assisting them in the process of creating an improved vessel (body) ready to explore the possibilities Pachamama has to offer.

Topics of interest Body practices, Healing arts, Mindfulness, Nutrition, Self-expression

To OrderCacao Email Narda

[email protected]

text 301-538-3703

"I start each day with ceremonial-grade cacao from Narda, and I add turmeric, cinnamon, and a pinch of black pepper. It is my healthy anti-depressant, Cacao, creative and calming with energizing qualities, and a great way to start my day!" ~ Beverly L. Nickerson


My Cat Aphrodite Transitioned

June 29, 2023, This Book Helped Me So Much!

Peace in Passing:

Comfort for Loving Humans During Animal Transitions

Maribeth Coye Decker,

Does grief still grip your heart whenever you think about the loss of a beloved animal?

Or when you anticipate losing an animal that is starting to decline?

Losing our animals is one of the most difficult parts of loving them.

In Peace in Passing, Maribeth Decker debunks the myths about animals’ passing which leave you crippled with grief, unable to find peace. This book will help you find peace amidst the enormous loss of your beloved animal companion.

Check out the upcoming Animal Communication Classes Website Below:

" I just had finished Maribeth's Unconnect course to become an Animal Communicator, and then my beloved Cat Aphrodite transitioned within a couple of weeks. With the support of her course I was able to feel her presence within a couple of days and be assured I did the right thing in terms of her vet care, it was her time and I am at peace with it. Feeling my cat will be with me in the etheric during this lifetime and now hangs out with my mother on the other side " Beverly L Nickerson.

Virus Out Oil

Essential Oils Created by

Mikael Zayat

*Mention Earthlight Promotions When Ordering*

Receive 10% off 1 Essential Oil.

Featured Oil for October

Virus Out!

Virus Out Contains

Ravintsara, Eucalyptus, Black Spruce, Clove, Tea Tree

Great for protecting against viruses. Use as support against all types of infections.

Apply 5 to 10 drops on wrists, stomach, lower back, and solar plexus.

Start the flu season with Virus Out as a preventative natural medicine easy to carry in your pocket or purse put on especially in your going to be flying somewhere.

All Oils are Available in sizes from 4ml, 10ml, 15ml, 30 ml

Direct Link To This Oil Below:

Why Are Alchemist Oils Different?

Mikael Zayat is a 7th-generation alchemist from Egypt who has THE NOSE it takes to become a great perfumer. He did not choose that particular life path because he knew that many gifted perfumers had died of nasal carcinoma due to all the synthetic fragrances they had inhaled over their careers.

So today, 33 years later, Mikael is formulating top-notch aromatic blends like perfumes without artificial ingredients. Mikael creates blends with only NATURE’S finest, properly harvested plants. They are the most refined essential oils available. If Mother Nature gives more sun than usual to a plant before harvest, Mikael will not destroy this gift to standardize the blend; instead, he keeps Mother Nature’s precious elements active in the blend. Mikael’s unique creations cannot be duplicated by honoring nature's wisdom.

Local distributor in VA Contact Rusen

[email protected]


*Mention EarthlightPromotions get 10% off one regular-price essential oil.

All Oils are Available in sizes from 4ml, 10ml, 15ml, 30 ml



Amy Gillespie Dougherty


Author The Ancestors Within Books

Discover new ways to uncover your ancestors’ greatest gifts with a personal reading.

Using photos of your eyes, we analyze what the markings tell about you: your gifts and talents, epigenetic patterns from your ancestors, core beliefs, traumas, your “best partner,” peak career choices, and your personal energy pattern.

Often ancestral images (energetic impressions) appear in the eyes, showing you those who have honed your skills for generations; to express now through you.

Options include the award-winning My Eye-Mag, a custom 36-page look into the amazing world of you, your eye, and your ancestors.

Using photos of your eyes, we analyze what the markings tell about you: your gifts and talents, epigenetic patterns from your ancestors, core beliefs, traumas, your “best partner,” peak career choices, and your personal energy pattern.

Often ancestral images (energetic impressions) appear in the eyes, showing you those who have honed your skills for generations; to express now through you.

Options include the award-winning My Eye-Mag, a custom 36-page look into the fantastic world of you, your eye, and your ancestors.

To Book A Reading & Learn More About Irigenics

"I just got my 37-page report from Amy, and wow, blown away by what it revealed about my ancestors, with the gifts that have carried into this lifetime. My eye had women in dancing costumes and moving in sync, and my mother was a professional dancer in the 1940 and 50s! " Beverly L Nickerson

Stuart Hill On Zoom

Interactive Classes

Teaching Traditional Yoga Style Join for Oct 2023!

1-week class for FREE. Email Stuart mention *Earthlight Newsletter*

Email:[email protected]  1 Week Sample Free

Offering 65 Yoga Classes Each Month!

On Zoom for just $50.00 Per Month

Are you looking for a source of online yoga? Increase strength, stamina, and flexibility; reduce stress and connect with the greater consciousness; prepare for and meditate.

Stuart Hill has been teaching Kundalini and Hatha Yoga for twelve years. His certifications include Hatha E-RYT 500 and Kundalini E-RYT 200, and Silver Yoga Certifications. 

Stuart is currently offering 17 classes per week, including:

- Three (3) Kundalini classes,

- Six (6) Gentle Yoga Level 1 & 2 classes,

- Seven (7) Hatha (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced/Restorative) classes,

- Monthly Live Concert

These classes are live and online using the Zoom platform. This allows the teacher to demonstrate poses, view you, and suggest any modifications to improve your practice. Classes are every morning and some evenings.

Click below website

"One of the ways I survived the lockdown was by being able to continue my Kundalini Yoga Classes with my favorite yoga teacher on Zoom after the gym setting was no longer an option. It calmed my mind and kept my body flexible and strong! It made a big difference; it was interactive, and my teacher could correct my poses and motivate me as if he was in my living room! "


You have access to 65 classes per month for $50 less and $1 per class! If you would like to sample a couple of classes, please email Stuart ([email protected]) for a couple of free class passes. You only need a laptop, IPAD, or iPhone to join the classes. Classes often include live Native American Indian flute music, Tibetan bowls, and gong meditations during the relaxation period after each class. Students can join early to visit and hang around after for Q&A.

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