September Newsletter
September 7, 2021
Earthquake Relief Action
On Saturday August 14th, 2021, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti's Southern Peninsula. The situation in the south remains critical. There are more than 2,200 dead and 12,000 injured, and more than 60,000 families whose homes have been destroyed. 

Flying High 4 Haiti’s founder Ines Lozano, travelled to Haiti to assess the situation and identify the most urgent needs. Lozano met with the mayor of St. Louis du Sud, Luc Edwin Ceide and the mayor of Ile-a-Vache, Amazan Jean-Yves, and visited some of the most affected areas. 
Distributing donated medical supplies to the hospital in Les Cayes
Assessing the damage in Ile a Vache
FH4H in collaboration with Third Wave Volunteers and SmartAID distributed solar puff lights to the victims of the earthquake.
Urgent Need for Water Filters
Access to clean drinking water is essential to prevent waterborne diseases. The impact on health when clean water is accessible is life changing.

Ensuring access to potable water is one of the most urgent needs. The state water delivery agency DINEPA (Direction Nationale de L’eau) was damaged during the earthquake meaning that companies that treat water don’t have access to their usual supply.

Sawyer Products Inc developed small and portable point-of-use water filters that filter contaminated water. Sawyer donated 1,000 water filters to FH4H that will be sent to Haiti in 10 days. Thank you Sawyer, the donation will be immensely helpful to the people in the south of Haiti.

Sawyer has also agreed to sell additional filters to FH4H at cost. Imagine, for only $21 a family in Haiti receives a water bucket with a Sawyer filter and can have clean water for years to come! Thank you Sawyer for this important and critical contribution.
Ecole St. Michelle de Charpentier in Les Cayes Destroyed
The school St. Michelle de Charpentier in Les Cayes was destroyed by the earthquake. The school had capacity for 750 students. The principal of the school, Roselore Accilus, requests large tents to be able to start classes at the end of September. These tents are a great temporary solution so students can begin classes and have some sort of normalcy in their life. 
Complete destruction of Ecole St Michelle de Charpentier in Les Cayes.
Flying High 4 Haiti contacted Western Pinnacle International, Inc.
This company has 20' x 40' tents that can accommodate 100 students. The price for each tent is $1,259. Our goal is to send at least 7 tents to the school in 10 days time.
Buying Locally to Promote the Local Economy
Whenever possible, FH4H buys locally and employs local labor in our relief efforts. This way, it stimulates the economy of the area and does not take away from local jobs.

According to the mayor, Amazon Jean-Yves, of Ile-a-Vache, about 279 homes were damaged on the island. FH4H will help in the rebuilding process using local labor and materials, just as we did after Hurricane Mathew.

Flying High 4 Haiti organized a food distribution in Ile-a-Vache. During the food distribution, people received food kits with rice, oil, and pasta. The food was all bought in Les Cayes.
Ines Lozano with Mayor Amazon Jean-Yves
Food distribution
Ecole du Village suffers minor damages
In Ecole du Village, a roof was blown off of a classroom during tropical storm Elsa. Re-roofing of the classroom will start this week. Thankfully, the school did not have any further damage during the earthquake and classes will be commencing this month.
KAY PROJECT: Standing Strong!
The Kay Project structure was not damaged by the earthquake. On her visit, Ines Lozano was able to see the Kay project building in its finished state. While the edifice is done, the whole project still has a little more way to go. During this final stage, the project will be painted and filled with furniture and art supplies.
We want to thank all donors for contributing to the FH4H Earthquake Relief Fund these past weeks. All donations are being put to use helping Ile-a-Vache and surrounding areas. To donate to the fund, click here.