Earthquake One Year Ago Today
Shock... Heartbreak... Resilience
One year ago today— August 14, 2021— southwest Haiti was struck by a massive 7.2 earthquake whose epicenter was approximately 35 miles from our partners in Bondeau. 2,248 people were killed in southwest Haiti. We give thanks no lives were lost in Bondeau. More than 800,000 people including 340,000 children were affected.

One year later, Haiti is trapped in a hunger and security crisis with about 4.5 million people experiencing acute food insecurity and a major economic crisis.
Inflation is at 26%, making it difficult for families to afford food and other essentials, or to sell crops at local markets.

In Bondeau, thanks to the generosity of donors, two emergency food shipments have been sent and distributed to over 400 families. Plus, the annual Food Packing provided 75,000 meals which arrived after months of seige in Port-au-Prince.

There is however still hunger in Bondeau... and efforts continue to find ways to assist families in finding food. There is still fear of another earthquake following over 900 aftershocks in the last year. There is still damage to be repaired and rebuilt.

There is also hope— and you are part of that hope! The prayer support... the donations... and the response of so many of you has enabled South Florida Haiti Project to continue support for education, food, and rebuilding. THANK YOU!
3 new Kindergarten classrooms under construction
Please be a partner too... pray for the people of Bondeau and Haiti... and donate to continue rebuilding efforts, education, healthcare, and food supply in Bondeau.