Happy Holidays to you and to yours. May they be merry and bright, and filled with solace and joy.

We have something new on our web page . You may know that Linda and I used to own a bookstore here in Fort Bragg. As it turns out, you can take the girl out of the bookstore, but you can't take the bookstore out of the girl. Although there are many things she’s happy to let go of with a brick and mortar bookshop, Linda has an itch to get back into books. So, she’s selected titles about woodworking that she knows you'll be interested in and we created a books page on the website . I hope you will click through and check it out for yourself. 

Also, I want to share the photo planemaker Ron Brese sent of the 8-inch chef’s knife he made from one of our kits. Ron is known for having made some of the best handplanes on the market – gorgeous, seriously crafted, and wonderfully utilitarian handplanes. He collaborated with other toolmakers, such as metal engraver Catharine Kennedy and is one of the finest craftspeople I know. You can imagine how thrilled I was to both hear from Ron, and to see his new kitchen knife.

Ron’s not alone; ‘tis the season for kits here at Hock Tools. We’ve listed the primary woodworking tools below. Something to think about, especially since kits may rise in popularity during the giving season, yet are a year-round DIY project with everlasting results!

Of course, if there’s anything you need from Hock Tools, please let me know.