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Learn about various cobot applications including welding, machine tending, autonomous bin picking and end of line packaging. Hear from various automation experts about safety, ROI and service. Register for free today and join us July 28-30!
THE Grippers for Cobots Just Got Even Better
Robotiq has released the next generation of the grippers for collaborative robots: the 2F-85 and 2F-140. Both models gain greater robustness, safety, and customizability while retaining the same key benefits that have inspired thousands of manufacturers to choose them since their launch 6 years ago.
The new Adaptive Grippers are less exposed to factory air, dust, and fluids. Their finger bases have been redesigned to simplify fingertip changeover and ensure a reliable grip. The overall design is smoother and rounder, with every sharp edge removed. Each one also includes an accessories holder near the base. The new 2F-85 and 2F-140 are connected to Universal Robots’ safety function, making them more collaborative than ever.
Deep Learning Vision Software for Applications Previously too Difficult, Complex, or Expensive
Combining artificial intelligence with the power of In-Sight vision, the newly released Cognex In-Sight ViDi is a powerful deep learning software platform designed specifically to solve applications that are too difficult, complex, or expensive for traditional machine vision systems.
Watch as Greg Seal from Cognex presents this new deep learning vision software that's embedded in the In-Sight D900 vision system.
Pick, Measure, & Place Small Parts
with One Robotic Workstation
Q-Span Workstations deliver flexible automation for QC measurements of small parts. They offer fast ROI in high-mix, small-batch manufacturing. They can automatically pick small parts, measure multiple features on each, and sort/place the parts based on any measured dimension (for example pass, fail, bin). Automation dramatically improves consistency and repeatability.
Q-Span Systems can also automatically record all measured data to a PC for statistical analysis, allowing you to eliminate data entry errors.

ACS currently has a Q-Span Workstation onsite at our Marietta, Georgia office. Send us your parts for feasibility testing!
Quickly & Easily Attach End of Arm Tools
to Your Cobot
The Millibar Manual Tool Changer allows operators to effortlessly change end of arm cobot tools for high mix, low volume production applications. Without any tools needed, quickly switch between adaptive grippers, vacuum grippers, camera calibration stylus, and more. Simply release the locking lever and slide a new end of arm tool into place. Even if your facility has a variety of robot brands, the Manual Tool Changer ecosystem allows tools to be moved between robots. Increase manufacturing flexibility and productivity with quick tool changes.
Millibar Manual Tool Changers have a rugged construction of aluminum and stainless steel to stand up to the most grueling factory conditions.
Dog Spotlight-
Meet June
If you've visited our Marietta office before, then you already know that we are a pup-friendly workplace. We feature one of the ACS dogs every other month to let you "meet" them too.