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August 2013 - In This Issue:
Ease Pain and Aging with Traditional Chinese Medicine

By: Catherine Travis


          Have you heard yourself thinking, "This pain in my low back or shoulder is just par tof my aging and I will have to learn to live with it"? Have you stopped playing tennis or limited your bike rides or morning hikes?

          If your car was acting sluggish-pulling to the right, or the engine is slow to turn-would you accept this as a natural part of your car's aging and do nothing? We know you would take your car in to change the oil, gent a new battery, or rotate the tires, etc.

          Our aging is a natural progression of life. In Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, the kidney qi supports the function of the whole body, and specifically, the lungs, heart and heath of the bones and spine. As we age, our kidney qi declines (similar to a car battery) and our qi and blood slow down. We experience this as pain in our bodies. We can't give you a new battery or tires but we can (with acupuncture, nutritional advice and herbal nutrition) reduce stress, strengthen your kidney qi and get your qi and blood moving smoothly again. This will decrease pain, improve sleep and allow you to keep active. The Chinese for thousands of years have focused on preserving and strengthening their kidney qi to keep themselves vital and active throughout their lives.

          At your acupuncture appointment, we will assess your level of kidney qi, where you have qi and blood that are not moving properly, and design a treatment specific to your needs. We feel passionate about helping you keep active and vital. Our focus is to help create balance in your body to enable you to sleep, eat and digest well; and to stay active!




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Over 35 and Want to Get Pregnant?
By: Dana Price

          35 is a big cut-off for women in biomedicine for fertility and pregnancy. Fertility rates decrease at a faster rate and pregnancies are considered high risk.  At ilumina, we approach advance maternal age by optimizing physical and emotional health to decrease the aging process as well as focusing on turning back the biological clock.

Acupuncture is used throughout the menstrual cycle to optimize each of the 4 hormonal phases: menstruation, follicular, ovulation and luteal; as well as to increase blood flow to the reproductive organs, and correct any underlying health imbalances. Individualized Chinese herb formulas are often utilized to further the goals of acupuncture and work strongly as a daily treatment. We focus on decreasing stress levels and the depleting effects that stress and strong emotions have on our bodies through relaxation, visualization and guided imagery.

          Dietary therapy is also extremely important. A diet high in organic vegetables, greens, whole grains, lean meats, sea vegetables, nuts and seeds, and fruits is recommended.  Cutting down or out caffeine, alcohol, wheat/gluten, dairy and processed foods has been proven beneficial.

          We now offer nutritional assessments to further refine your dietary plan. We can look into food intolerances that you have as well as look into nutritional deficiencies and how to properly supplement them.

          At ilumina, we have been specializing in fertility and pregnancy for over 15 years. The majority of women that come to our clinic are over the age of 35. Traditional Chinese medicine is the most effective way to optimize health and turn back the biological clock to improve egg quality, increase blood flow, normalize hormones and decrease stress. We are a trusted source for Chinese medicine and have helped hundreds (maybe even thousands) of women along their journey of motherhood.    preg belly

5 Ways Massage Therapy Helps to Combat the Aging Process 
By: Audrey Blanchard

  1. Decrease stress and stress related health issues- Massage Therapy helps reduce cortisol and insulin levels while increasing seratonin and dopamine. This helps to reduce blood pressure and increase endorphins, the body's pain reducing neurotransmitters.       
  2. Blood and lymph circulation- Manual manipulation of tissues and the extremities helps to improve blood flow, bringing an increase in oxygen and nutrients to the tissues. Improved lymphatic flow aids in tissue waste removal and helps to increase immunity.         
  3. Posture maintenance- Massage Therapy can loosen and lengthen shortened muscles which creates more space between spinal vertebrae and can reduce nerve compression. Relaxed muscles and freely movable joints contribute to less discomfort in movement and better posture.         
  4. Osteoarthritis- Massage helps to reduce the aches and pains associated with osteoarthritis and can improve range of motion in joints.         
  5. Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease- According to The Touch Research Institute, Massage Therapy can reduce irritability, hostility, and agitation that can occur in response to loss of control and memory. The calming effects of massage can facilitate communication and improve energy levels and mental awareness.


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