Fresh Crop East African Coffees Are on The Way!

By Sep. 1 we hope to have two containers of Rwandan micro-lots on the water! Arrival in New Jersey expected in November. Fresh crop Dehab's Diamond Natural Ethiopian should arrive early September!

In 2021, Artisan Coffee Imports offered an innovative program called the "300 Club". Blueprint Coffee, St. Louis, MO, was among many roasters who participated. They recently posted about their experience!

THANK YOU to our many customers who welcomed this effort to pay farmers in Rwanda more than the government floor price. You willingly stepped up to pay $.05/lb more and contribute to a pre-season bonus payment to the cooperatives.

  • That pre-season bonus had a string attached...
  • The cooperative agreed to pay the farmers at least 300 Rwf/ kg cherry in the upcoming season. This happens to convert to about $3.00 p. kg green FOB.

Thanks to your contributions, farmers received fair pay! Read the post from Blueprint Coffee on Instagram and follow their posts for continued updates...
Ruth to Attend Coffee Roasters' Guild Retreat
Aug. 25 - 28, Ruth Ann will participate in the first Coffee Roasters Guild Retreat since 2019! If you haven't attended before, consider signing up. This weekend is a coffee roaster's dream with a two-day team roasting challenge full of fun learning for both experts and newbies.

Beer and campfire stories are mixed with the coffee roasting smorgasbord in the picturesque setting of Lake Lawn Resort.

Ruth will be a volunteer station instructor in the class “Distinguishing Defects in the Cup: Green vs. Roast” with lead instructor Todd Arnette.
Highlights from the Rwanda Trip
We recently spent 3 weeks in Rwanda.

  • We cupped a LOT of fresh-crop coffee at the field cupping labs of five cooperatives. About 82 different lots!
  • We interviewed a total of 13 farmers to assess the impacts of our buying programs and premiums.
  • Domestic consumption is up in Rwanda! One of the new cafes we visited is Fika Cafe (image right), a female-owned and operated cafe in Kimihurura, Kigali.

Call or message us to receive your fresh samples!
Fully-washed * Natural * Carbonic *Anaerobic
Passed Q-Grader Calibration!
Every three years Q Graders have to take a full day of tests to be sure they are still calibrated to Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) standards. In June Ruth Ann traveled to Seattle, WA to test at the wonderful training facility at Atlas Coffee Importers. Drew Billups was an excellent instructor and Ruth Ann passed!

Did you know?
  • The Q Arabica course was launched over15 years ago
  • Q Grader is the official license for scoring specialty coffee and is recognized around the world.
  • There are now about 50 Q Arabica instructors teaching in 19 countries
  • We are nearing 10,000 Q Graders worldwide

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