What's new in 2018 for the East Area Plan
Since the start of the year, city planners along with the East Area Steering Committee have been mining the data collected during the 2017 plan kick-off survey, including more than 10,000 comments received for both the East and East Central Area Plans. All that input will serve as the basis for draft vision statements for the plan, as well as focus topics and geographic areas, guiding principles and map-based recommendations.

The survey results are summarized in the graphics below, with additional details available on the plan website .

What do you like most about the East Area?
What are your biggest concerns about the East Area?
What is your big idea for the East Area?
Walking in the East Area is . . .

Many felt that walking was not very safe on and around Colfax due to speeding cars, difficult crossings, and crime. There is also a lack of sidewalks in some areas, as well as sections of sidewalks needing repair.
Biking in the East Area is . . .

Respondents asked for more and better bike facilities, specifically to improve connectivity between bike lanes and provide better access to local transit stops.
Invite us to your meeting!

Along with studying the survey data, the East Area planning team has been meeting with neighborhood groups and organizations throughout the planning area to continue to gather community input and offer an update on the planning process.

If you would like a presentation at your group's next meeting, contact us to make arrangements: Email Senior City Planner Elizabeth Weigle ( elizabeth.weigle@denvergov.org ), project manager for the East Area Plan.
About the East Area Plan
The East Planning Area neighborhoods—South Park Hill, Montclair, Hale, and East Colfax—contain many great community assets, including historic parkways, the Rose Medical Center, Johnson and Wales University, and many unique, locally-owned businesses. The area is experiencing some significant changes, such as the 9th and Colorado mixed use project, as well as plans to add Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) along Colfax Avenue. Two of the four neighborhoods, South Park Hill and East Colfax, have out of date plans, while Hale and Montclair have no plans at all.

The Neighborhood Planning Initiative provides a great opportunity to establish the community’s vision for maintaining and enhancing the quality of life in these neighborhoods for decades to come. 

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