November 6, 2013 


Contact: Celeste Myers (617-913-3332)



East Boston Residents: 'We Deserve Better than a Casino' 


(Boston) -- "We are pleased with the results of Tuesday's election. East Boston voters went to the polls and emphatically stated that they don't believe the promises put forth by wealthy casino developers. To the prospect of one of the hemisphere's largest casinos -- yet another burdensome development in our neighborhood - Eastie residents said, 'No - enough is enough.'"

"Our campaign began with two primary goals: to defeat the proposed casino, and to do so in a way that elevated the discussion about what is possible in our community and remove the barriers that have kept many of us apart for too long. Together, we organized, strategized, researched, canvassed, and reached out to our neighbors, small businesses, and communities of faith. Our movement is led by women and men across all faiths, income and education levels, ages, professions, nationalities, newcomers to East Boston and 'old-timers.'"

"We are deeply disappointed and concerned that, within minutes of finding out that voters in East Boston had resoundingly rejected Suffolk Downs' casino proposal, its wealthy owners and investors were already mobilizing to find a way around the voice of the people and Massachusetts gambling law."

"It is clear upon review of the statute that the casino referendum needed to pass in both East Boston and Revere in order for the developers to move forward. East Boston's voters have spoken: we do not want a casino in our community. We renew our call for Suffolk Downs' owners and board members to withdraw."

"We believe that this last-ditch attempt by Suffolk Downs developers to move the goalposts after the vote shows that casino owners will continue to put profits before people. For these reasons, many members of No Eastie Casino have been working with the grassroots group Repeal the Casino Deal to repeal the gambling law by putting it to a statewide vote in 2014."

"We are  prepared to continue our work to keep East Boston a vibrant, welcoming community for families and small businesses where equitable economic development--not development that preys on middle-income, working class and low-income families--is encouraged. We call upon the Massachusetts Gaming Commission to follow the law. We respectfully request that Mayor Menino, Mayor-elect Walsh and the City Council take East Boston's resounding 'no' for an answer on the casino question, protecting it from casinos in surrounding communities as well."