High School student in the history of MCS/SCS!!
Celebrate Stephen Ferreira,
Mr. Ralph Schirlo, and
Captain Al Glenn with Us!
On Behalf of Mr. Ralph Schirlo, East T-STEM aviation teacher, and the entire Mustang Family, I am very pleased to inform you that Mustang Stephen Ferreira has passed his FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Test. 
The private pilot knowledge test is a collection of 60 multiple-choice questions, which tests the applicant on a range of topics covering aircraft systems, aerodynamics, weather, engines and navigation, et al.
The private pilot knowledge test is the first hurdle an applicant must jump to obtain his/her Private Pilot Certificate. The other part is know as the practical test, which consists of an oral test and the flight test. 
Mr. Schirlo has been in close contact with the Ferreira family for the last months. Stephen is very lucky to have a supportive mother who has been his biggest cheerleader. Happy Mother's Day to all of our Mustang Moms who support our big babies!
The next step for Stephen is to apply for the FAA Student Pilot Certificate, followed by attending the Luke Weathers Solo Flight Academy this summer. Captain Al Glenn has been one of the district's most supportive advocates of aviation instruction and was instrumental in establishing the program at East.

  We are certain that Stephen will graduate from East High School with his
Private Pilot Certificate.