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Issue No. 15 March 19, 2012


I'm delighted to share some exciting news. To serve our clients in Africa, the Middle East and Asia, the Center for High Performance is opening an office in Dubai that will be led by Dr. Andrew Lee.

Throughout his career working in Australia, Europe, the U.S. and the Middle East as a CEO, consultant and professor, Andrew has focused on developing individuals, teams and organizations to achieve their strategic goals. His clients have come from a variety of business sectors, including energy, banking, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, healthcare and retail.

Andrew and I have worked together for years, first as part of the change practice at Nextera and then on various client assignments. Andrew is a strong proponent of CfHP's values and approaches for achieving high performance. He will be a tremendous asset to our clients.

Andrew spoke recently with CfHP strategic advisor Sharon McGowan about his approach to high performance. You'll find their conversation below.

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Meet Dr. Andrew Lee

President, CfHP AMEA

East joins West at CfHP

Sharon McGowan: What led you to join CfHP as president for AMEA?

Andrew Lee: I'm particularly interested in leadership, strategy and organizational culture, and they all come together in CfHP. Having worked with CfHP for 10 years, I know how helpful it can be in getting senior teams to work together, focus their corporate strategies and then execute those strategies through a high-performing organization.

SM: What is your target market?

AL: The core market in the Middle East is the traditional oil-based companies, particularly those looking to diversify into new energy sectors, along with finance, real estate and tourism. The Middle East is planning for the time when the oil runs out and is aiming to develop a knowledge-based economy. We'll be helping them move in that direction by facilitating the difficult conversations that could otherwise paralyze their businesses. We'll help them broaden the range of their conversations, which in turn leads to new thinking and new ideas.

Whatever the business, we recognize that an organization can only be as effective as its senior team. We'll work with senior executives to make more proactive, data-driven decisions and ensure the right leadership is in place to develop and carry out high-performance strategies. This is particularly important in a region with such a diversity of cultures, languages and personal backgrounds.

SM: Will you be using CfHP techniques such as surveys on high performance and ADVANCEs™ for the leadership teams?

AL: Absolutely. As part of the CfHP team I will use all of the methods that my colleagues have developed. I'll also look for ways to work with clients that are tailored to the region and our clients' needs. Every business faces its own special challenges, but the core work of leading an organization is essentially the same all over. CfHP's global research has demonstrated that there are three crucial contributors to high performance: valuing people, optimizing critical thinking and seizing opportunities. That holds true whether the organization is in New York or London or Dubai.


CfHP Notes

Watch for our upcoming article, "The High Cost of Corporate Bullying," soon to be published in CEO Magazine.

Congratulations to CfHP's EVP Franchee Harmon, who has recently been accepted to Benedictine College's Ph.D. program in Organizational Development.

CfHP also congratulates client Sonny Garg for his recent promotion to Chief Information and Innovation Officer at Exelon. Sonny also will receive the "Best Friend Award" from Kids in Danger on May 24 for his instrumental role in developing local and national responses to unsafe children's products.

Opportunity to partner with CfHP

CfHP invites your company to partner with us to refresh our global research on high performance.

Since the publication of Contagious Success, the Western world has suffered economic collapse and, in the U.S., what likely will turn out to be the worst recession since the1920s. Major international investment banks have disappeared; the U.S. housing market has collapsed; the euro is fighting for its life; and the global flow of capital is now from East to West, rather than the other way around. Brazil has overtaken the UK in world economic rankings and has supported Europe with significant lending.

This is an opportune time to revisit the findings and to include emerging markets such as the Middle East and Brazil in the research. Although we couldn't have known it at the time, ours findings foreshadowed the economic upheaval to come. The perception of an endless upward trajectory in the world economy did not match the reality of the worldwide house of cards that was soon to collapse. We now have another opportunity to predict what lies ahead.

We hope to answer questions such as:

  • What characteristics drive high performance today?
  • What attributes kill high performance?
  • Is there still a large gap between perception and reality when knowledge workers assess the performance of their own workgroups?
  • Are 90 percent of the highest paid and best educated employees in the world still toiling in underperforming workgroups? And, if so, what does that say about the future?

For more information, please contact me at

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