Welcome to The Bookies' Latest Update                    February 2020 Issue 2 
The Bookies Newsletter
Easter Baskets are Coming to The Bookies
This year we're trying something new at The Bookies. We'll be offering baskets for all your Easter needs!

We'll have three options to choose from:

1) A pre-made, themed, premium basket you can buy right off the shelf, filled with goodies from our store.

2) Pick your own theme, go around our store, and snag all the items you want. Then bring everything to the front, where we'll assemble the basket for you.
3) Tell us your budget and what you're looking for, and let us create a basket to match!

We'll be... HOPPING... into this starting Wednesday, March 4th! So hop on in and get yours!

Fresh Ink
We've got lots of new paperbacks, new series, and new wonders for you to behold!
From the creator of the beloved and award-winning novel, ECHO, comes a timeless story of what tomorrow holds for those who seek it out.  
The Light in Hidden Places
In 1943, Polish teenager Stefania Podgorska hid thirteen Jews in her attic to save them from the Nazis who took up residence in her home. This true story will stay with you long after you've finished.   
From the National Book Award-winning writer, Colum McCann, comes a new novel based on true stories of death, loss, rage, war, hate, and peace.  
Here comes some reptilian detective fun! This young reader graphic novel is full of crazy hi-jinks and is perfect for the readers in your life who want fun adventures full of color.  
The Dragon Masters series is back and just in...TIME! Drake has been sent back in time. How can he save Eko when he needs help to save himself?  

A terrific graphic novel about acceptance, gender, magic, and growing up in a world that can be filled with regret, death, fear and the great unknown. More than anything, it's a story of understanding that it's never too late to do the right things. 
Sign Up Your Team,  
Build a Puzzle, Win Prizes  
We love puzzles almost as much as we love books, so when we heard that one of our favorite puzzlemakers, Ravensburger, wanted us to do a puzzle tournament, we jumped at the chance. On Saturday, March 28th, starting at 11:00am, teams of four will participate in a 500-piece puzzle building contest. The first team to build their puzzle, or come closest, wins a host of prizes! To sign up your team (or just yourself to be placed on a team), email us at Marketing@TheBookies.com! 

The deadline for signing up your team is MARCH 6th! Hurry!  
Celebrate Seuss Day on Tuesday at The Bookies  
& Don't Forget Seuss Bingo
By now we hope everyone has seen our Dr. Seuss display at the front of our store! This time each year we celebrate his birthday (March 2) along with Read Across America Day. But this year, we're doing a special SEUSS BINGO with our in-store Seuss day happening on Tuesday, March 3! Come in today (or at our Tuesday Storytime with Bookie Carolyn) to get your cards and to find out all about the prizes and fun we're having!

Super Tuesday Means Super Savings

Bring in your I VOTED sticker on Super Tuesday (March 3rd) and save 20% on any one item!  

The Game Board (with Bookie Karla)
Ages 8 & Up

Cat Crimes was one of the biggest games of the last few years, which means IT GOT A SEQUEL! Now you can have the same fun logic puzzles with the guilty parties now being cute dogs! Click here to see a video all about the game or buy it on our website here (or feel free to come today to grab your copy!).

Tuesday, March 3, 10:30am: Dr. Seuss Day at The Bookies   
Saturday, March 28, 11:00am: Puzzle Tournament with Prizes