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Manager Minute
Community Operations Update

All of us have been affected by the recent pandemic and the COVID-19 virus - whether we are working remotely, homeschooling our children or dealing with an ill family member, it's important that we all stay connected and safe during these unprecedented times.

As the COVID-19 situation evolves, your management team has been in constant communication with your Board of Directors to discuss precautions in your community. Currently, the amenity center and fitness center are closed. This is per the state's order closing all fitness and gym facilities, and shelter in place orders. While the playground remains open, we ask that you utilize the CDC Guidelines for ensuring a safe playing atmosphere and limit your interactions.

As you may have seen in a recent announcement, the Board of Directors has temporarily suspended the holiday light standards through the month of April for the Holiday Deco Mashup event. During this time you may put up your holiday lights, and decorate in any holiday theme, to bring a little joy and festivity to the community.

In closing, remember to heed the advice of your government and health officials. If you are not feeling well, stay home. Remember we are all #AloneTogether in this.

Stay safe - we'll get through this!
Community Policy & Standards
Covenant Enforcement is an important tool in your community. It allows your Association to enforce certain appearance and maintenance guidelines to protect your investment, your home. By maintaining your property's appearance, it positively affects the homes around you.

As spring has arrived, now is a great time to begin your seasonal landscaping and maintenance routines. We are seeing a lot of homes with weeds and flower beds that need attention.

As you are dealing with your "spring cleaning," you might be replacing furniture or discarding old items. Please only place these items out at the curb on your scheduled day for trash pickup. Many items have been left out for days at a time, resulting in a violation notice for the homeowner.

Questions about your Community Standards? Check out your Community Website , which includes links to your Association documents.

Pool Season
Pools officially open on May 1st. As we are not into pool season yet, residents should not be in the pools. Using the pools during seasonal closure can result in suspension of your access cards.
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Lifestyle Lowdown
Don't miss the Easter Bunny or your opportunity to snatch some prize eggs!
Didn't register for the private drop? No worries - the Easter Bunny has something special planned for everyone.
Events Entourage - Q1 All Star
Congratulations to our first quarter All Star with 12 total stars in Q1. You really knocked it out of the park Ariel!

Runners up:
Dani Fouser - 11
Patty Hernandez - 9

Big thanks to the whole Entourage for your continued work, support, and great ideas!
Guess that Drawing!
Solving crimes, scavenging the house, cosplay tunes, eye spy games, and STEM activities.'s been a fun week.
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Lifestyle Director
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