Brain Speak Activator (TM)
Brain Speak Activator (TM)
Easter Greetings!

Easter Holiday is here and we created for your entertainment a quick contest
 with special offer and givaway of our product. If you want, you can participate and practise you English in that process. No need to buy any of our products. Maybe you can get it even for toll free, who knows :-) For the details see our website
We wrote some new BLOG posts on our website
 if you like, and intersted, you can test your reading abilities and you can even report me what mistakes I have made this time ;-) Yes, I am also in learning process like you. English is also my second language (ESL) and I realized that only practice makes the master. I would like you to move foward too. We make mistakes but we are learning from them. So, let's get the ball rolling!
I wish you nice and pleasant spending of this Easter. I am happy that I can be in contact with you. Spring is hear, the sun with more light is coming, nature is awaikening ... YES life is beautiful !  Enjoy it, enjoy Easter Holiday ! :-)

Jirka Slaba 
Brain Speak Activator (TM) 
Our project is intended to help people with their language difficulties, especially speaking. Our concern is focused on English at this moment. Our method can help native speakers to improve significantly their speaking abilities too. It is a set of sofisticated exercises.   
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