April 3rd, 2015 - In This Issue:

We are farmers and artisan vendors proudly growing 
and making all of our products locally. We come to the 
market to provide you fresh-from-the-farm goodness and our unique crafting of hand-made foods and specialty items. We look forward to answering all of your questions and helping you enjoy the benefits of eating fresh, local foods.
We value your patronage and appreciate your confidence in us.





please visit OUR WEBSITE at   waxhawfarmersmarket.org.   




The goal of the Waxhaw Farmers' Market is to help you continue to benefit from the nutritional value provided through eating fresh, seasonal produce year round. Following the Winter Market's opening on January 10, the market will be open every other week from 10:00 a.m. through the end of March. The market will offer local produce, meats, eggs, cheeses, honey, and more.  Please conti nue to visit the market and support our farmers and artisan vendors who are working hard for you.

The market would like to express  a very special thank you to our Market Partner, Hook Tire  & Service. For more information about the exceptional services they provide, please click here to visit their website







This Week at the Market

There will be a Market this Saturday, April 4th, from 10am till Noon.

Happy Easter to all.


Spring is really here, with everything blooming, with the farmers planting, and everyone working in their yards, and enjoying the warmer weather.

This Saturday, bring the children to meet the Easter Bunny at the Market. There will be some treats for the children.


This Easter Market is more like a precursor to our new season starting next Saturday when we will be open every Saturday from 9am till 1pm until the end of the year, actually until the last Saturday before Christmas.  

One new vendor is joining us this Saturday. 

Come and Welcome Mouton Blanc Farms, with Nancy.  

Beautiful farm with lots of eggs, and produce along with herbs, and later as the season progresses Honey, and Shiitake mushrooms and baked goods.  This Saturday, Nancy has also vegetable seedlings. Check their website by clicking below, in the section with all the vendors and their links when availabe. 

Come on by and celebrate the arrival of Spring with fresh produce, eggs, healthy meats, honey, and much more! Please check the list below for more details. Hope to see you Saturday! 


We are activey getting ready for the new season:

Starting next Saturday, we will have Gluten Free Breads under the Manager's tent, along with the NC cheese and hand rolled butter, and later on, the fruits. Also, for all of you asking for Goat Cheese, yes BOSKY ACRES is joining us this year with their beautiful cheese.

As the produce grows during this new season, we will introduce another produce vendor!  Also watch for early greenhouse TOMATOES!  And Gluten-Free Dry mixes. We are also talking with a coffee Roaster


Do you have teenagers in need of volunteer time? Or would you like to help at the Coffee station? We need help before the market opens to place signs around the market and get ready! The market needs volunteers for a few hours, or it could one, two, or four hours! Please come and see me, or contact me through the email address at the bottom of the newsletter.



DABHAR FARM will offer pesticide-free, all-natural produce, to include beets greens,kale, colored carrots, Claytona salad greens, Leeks, Spinach, chicken and duck eggs, pecan & honey.

MOUTON BLANC FARM, with Nancy, will bring eggs, garlic and herbs along with tomato seedlings and more.


SHARONVIEW FARM, Teri and Nasi have a beautiful flush of fresh Shiitake mushrooms this week!  They will also offer some plants and trees: pussy willows and weeping willows. Good time for planting!

T&D FARMS with bring 100% all natural, grass-fed and grass-finished beef, pasture-raised chicken, pork, and eggs. Todd brings also sausage, bacon, etc...

MORRISON FARM will bring fresh-from-the-farm eggs, some seedlings and potted herbs. As well as a few small Aloe "Firebird", which are a miniature Aloe producing a bloom. 

McC ORD FARM will also bring chicken and duck eggs



BERRY APIARY brings the best in local honey to our market! They also offer honey straws, goat milk soap, candles, lip balm, creams, beeswax, and propolis, a resin made by bees with proven antibiotic and antiseptic properties. If you need a larger quantity of honey, just ask Paulette!


CHOSEN ROASTER offers a variety of seeds and nuts, all naturally roasted with no oil or salt added!


NEW CocoPits scent in this Saturday!!! A Splash of Spring: a beautiful combination of 3 separate scents in one container - Orange Blossom, Lavender Bud, and Ylang Ylang Flower. It's our Spring seasonal offering and is perfect for that special Easter gift! Come check out some of our other new products, too! 






Under the Manager's Tent, each week we raise funds for the market so that we can continue to provide a venue for our farmers and artisan vendors. Thank you for all you do to support us!   


This Saturday we'll have Ashe County Cheese and Butter. We will have cheese Curds, Extra-Sharp Cheddar as well as a 5-yr super aged Cheddar, Gouda, Jack & Dill, Garden vegetables, Garlic-parsley-chives, Habanero Cheddar, Pepper Jack, Mountain Jack (mild).



The Waxhaw Farmers' Market is a non-profit organization established to provide a venue for 25 to 30 local farmers and craftsmen to sell farm-fresh produce and specialty items to the Waxhaw area and surrounding communities. As a grower-producer-only market, you won't see bananas or pineapples, for example, and all of our produce will be fresh and in season.

We appreciate the support of our volunteers! If you'd like to help at the Manager's Table, the coffee table, or help put out or take down our signs, or if you'd like to volunteer to help a vendor set up, please let me know. If you're a musician or chef and would like to share your talent with us, please email or see me at the Manager's Table.

Although we enjoy our canine friends, it remains that we are a food-based market place. For sanitary, health, and safety reasons, we ask that you do not walk your dogs around the market. Guide dogs and dogs that provide services are welcome with their human handlers. Thank you.



Bare Market
Berry Apiary
Circle "B" Ranch
Family of 4 Berries
Ginette Morrison/Manager's Table
Grass Roots Country Store

Mrs. Pound Cakes

Sea Lavender Farm
T&D Farms



THANK YOU so much for being our customers and friends! We look forward to seeing you this Saturday!

Ginette Morrison
Waxhaw Farmers' Market Manager



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Choose from our seasonal farm-fresh offerings and specialty items.
Bare Market

Erica Lee & Jenny Groening



Our growing concern for the health and well being of our own family members and the affordability of all-natural products inspired us to make our own all-natural products using pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils.

We do extensive research for each product we create, and then we test each product to make sure it does what it claims to do.


Bare Market products are hand crafted in small batches to control quality. We are always developing new products. If there is a product you would like to have, or a skin condition you struggle with, message us through Facebook. The more requests we get for a certain type of product, the faster we may make it available. Our goal is to help you strip off the chemicals and be a more natural you!


Try our exceptional, affordable Nourishing Skin Treatment!


Berry Apiary
Paulette Berry

We are a small family-owned apiary (bee yard) in Indian Trail with additional hives in Charlotte, Monroe, Marshville, and Matthews. We raise four species of honeybees and strive to provide our customers with only the purest and highest quality of products. We offer honey, goat milk soap, candles, lip balm, creams, beeswax, and propolis, a resin made by bees with proven antibiotic and antiseptic properties.


We enjoy our partnership with the Carolinas Health Care University location for pollination of their onsite garden, and we pride ourselves on educating the community on the necessity of pollination and the role that honeybees play. We have also facilitated classes for non-profit organizations and schools, including the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts and the Union County elementary schools. 


If you need larger quantities of honey, we'll be happy to make them available to you!


Carolina Heritage Nursery

Lisa Tompkins


We specialize in native and heirloom plants of  and for the Carolina Piedmont.  Our vision is to preserve the natural and cultural heritage of the South through horticulture with heirloom and native plants. You'll find us at the Waxhaw Farmers' Market and Matthews Community Farmers' Market on alternate weeks, and at special events by appointment. 
We enjoy spending time with our customers and are always happy to answer questions and provide further education.
Chosen Roaster

Alan Hersh and Russell Grastorf


I remember when I was a kid and my family would go into town.  There was a little nut shop that roasted nuts freshly every day.  The aroma made my mouth water.  No one does that anymore...until now! Chosen Roaster is a locally owned nut roasting company located in Waxhaw, NC.  We hand-roast shelled peanuts, cashews, almonds,

walnuts and pumpkin seeds for a delicious, unforgettable natural treat.


We intend to change how people think about roasted nuts-from that deep-fried, salted nut like they are used to getting-to our healthy, hand-roasted nuts. We are changing the world one nut at a time!


Taste the difference! 


Circle B Ranch

Darryl and Deirdre Barbee













Circle B Ranch Black Angus Cows are born and raised on our farm. They live and graze freely in our peaceful grass pastures and are not subjected to hormones, antibiotics, or herbicides. Our cows are treated respectfully, humanely, and very well cared for. 


We are proud to offer healthy, nutritious Black Angus, and we provide individual cuts as well as specialty packages.
We look forward to seeing you back at the market in 2015!
Cook Farms

Rusty & Aaron Cook

Our family has been hard at work farming on our Plyler Mill Rd. farm in Monroe for forty years now. Each spring we offer wholesome locally grown strawberries at the market, and there at the farm we offer pick-your-own strawberries as well. Our summer offerings include plenty of farm fresh produce, to include tomatoes, 
green beans, cucumbers, corn on the cob, yellow squash, zucchini, bell peppers, pecans, blueberries, and melons.


We're proud of our years of hard work farming and happy to provide fresh, local produce to our community. We look forward to seeing you again in the 2015 season!


DabHar Farm
Phyllis Walsh

We are a local, sustainable farmer offering seasonal fruits and vegetables, to include heirloom tomatoes, colored carrots, garlic, red and white onions, potatoes, green beans, okra, zucchinis, Russian and Curly Kale, green and red cabbage, black raspberries, blueberries, and honey. We also offer organic chicken and duck eggs.


DabHar Farm is a working farm focusing on sustainable production methods. We raise heritage breed Bronze and Royal Palm turkeys, Delaware chickens, rabbits, Dorper sheep, and Dexter and Jersey cows. We sell breeding pairs of these breeds. As a sustainable farm, we work to produce all of our food needs. If you are interested in learning about our model for a sustainable lifestyle, we'll be happy to talk more with you, to educate you about how to use a poly row cover in your vegetable garden, or seasonal high tunnels for season extension and winter cool weather crops, for example. 


Family of 4 Berries

Calvin, Dawn, Megan & Cole Hancock




  We want to bless our  customers with the  seasonal,

healthy berries and fruits we grow. Our organic fruits are free of pesticides, always!

We have 400 blueberry bushes, 20 peach trees, 25 plum trees, 6 apricot trees, 15 fig trees, and an abundance of blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries. We offer delicious homemade specialty jams made with the fruit we grow in a reduced sugar recipe. We have 14 varieties, to include peach, triple berry, blueberry, blackberry, etc.


Grapes and Olives on Tap
Alejandro & Diane Lopez
Grapes & Olives On Tap specializes in naturally flavored balsamic vinegars and olive oils infused with herbs, citrus, berries, chocolate, mushrooms, and fruits. We want to share these products and their uses with you, bringing you tastier meals for healthier lives! Our naturally flavored olive oils and balsamic vinegars do not contain artificial coloring or preservatives. They are also cholesterol, sodium, and gluten-free. And our olive oils stay fresher longer since the actual herbs, citrus, berries, chocolate, mushrooms and fruit particles have been removed, and only the natural flavors remain. 


Research continues to show that olive oil and balsamic vinegar both contain healthy antioxidant-loaded polyphenols that may help prevent cancer and increase longevity. Olive oil has been called "liquid gold" and "youth in a bottle!" And tasting our naturally flavored balsamic vinegars is like a visit to a candy store for grown-ups! At only 14 calories per tablespoon, you can put our balsamics on everything!

Pour. Savor. Enjoy!


We look forward to seeing you in the 2015 season!


Grass Roots Country Store
Dodi Mounce

As a local producer of organic health & beauty products, our aim is to bring you the finest, most healthful and most effective products that you can confidently put in and on your body, and help encourage you in your pursuit of a heathy body and lifestyle. 

We take great pride in the quality and effectiveness of our producs and are confident you wil enjoy the same. Our more popular products include CocoPits, and organic, all natural deodorant, herbal medicinals to treat cold, flu, infection & disease, detox formulae, luxurious bar soaps & cleansers. 
  Check out our online store for more details on all of our market offerings:

Ginette Morrison
Market Manager
I'm an avid gardener, and I like to share my garden with people. I offer seedlings in the spring; I have all kinds of herbs and heirloom and hybrid vegetable plants. I have the unusual or hard-to-find varieties that customers are often hunting for. Of course, I sell delicious chicken eggs, too. My chickens roam free in a large yard. They're fed natural grains and fresh vegetables daily.
I love the market, and, as its manager, I have been so happy to see it grow. I think we're becoming a southwest Union County attraction, and, certainly, we're offering our community better, healthier food choices all "under one roof".
Happy Hills Alpaca Farms
Valerie and Kaarlo  Hietala

We are a small farm bringing emphasis on quality, herd genetics, and genetic diversity. We strive for conformationally correct alpacas with exceptional fleece and our currently bred females have been chosen with this in mind. The service sires are top of the line ribbon winners with notable genetic lines from Hemmingway, Royal Fawn, Microsoft, Monsanto, Scimitar, Hercules, Show Me the Money, Kenamori Gold, and Adagio. 
Our alpaca socks are a favorite with our customers. They come in ladies and men's sizes and are extremely soft and comfortable. We also have wonderful, soft alpaca yarn for your handmade projects, felted earrings, hand-spun wool shawls, and more. 
We will be back at the Market in the Fall of 2015
Hauser Custom Made
Jeromy & Rebecca Hauser

 I'm a USMC combat veteran finding my peace making high-end custom furniture pieces. My creations are functional and diverse, to include these beautiful
Adirondack chairs, an awesome fern table  with a burnt ash finish, a triple
laundry hutch tilt-out sorter, a regulation-size corn hole board set, a custom on-wall cubby system, a play room table, a tilt out bin for dog food, a platform bed, a  tilt-out trash bin...Like I've always said, IF IT'S WOOD, I CAN BUIL D IT! 
I enj
oy me eting the nicest people at the market, and, in addition to furniture builds, I am helping them with outdoor  builds as well. 
 I look forward to seeing everyone again in the 2015 season! In the meantime,  visit me on Facebook!

The Ivy Place
Terry & Genie Graham



Thank you all for your support and patronage.  We look forward to the new season with the addition of blueberries and blackberries!  


The Ivy Place, nestled on 33 acres just south of Charlotte, is the perfect venue for outdoor weddings, receptions, garden parties, graduation celebrations and family reunions. The home was built in 1850 and provides outdoor elegance among the beautiful, peaceful gardens that allow you to express your own personal style.


Please feel free to call us at 704-651-3700 for more information and visit us on our website.  


McCord Farm
Johnnie McCord
   I first became inter e s ted in having chickens when I saw a blue egg! 
I just love the colors.  They're all so individual and different.  So are the sizes and shapes of eggs.  
...So, I began with Americanas. 
Next thing I knew I had Rhode Island Reds, then Leg Horns... 
My egg supply grew as my chickens grew, and I just had to start selling my delicious farm-fresh eggs! 
I bring dozens and dozens of my eggs (and sometimes duck eggs) to the market each week, and I love selling them to the most wonderful customers!
Mouton Blanc Farms
Nancy & Tom Humphries

Mouton Blanc Farms is located in Waxhaw, NC, and family owned  with a mission to produce high quality registered animals that meet or exceed breed standards. 
Seasonally, Mouton Blanc Farms offers farm fresh produce, including micro-greens, garlic, herbs, tomatoes and more.  Click on the "Herbs & Produce" page to see what's in season now. Click here to visit our website.

Mrs. Pound Cakes
Andre and Alisha Thomas
ALL Gluten-Free

We have your taste buds in mind with every delicious cake we bake!  When you experience a mouth-watering slice of Mrs. Pound Cakes desserts, you will never be the same! Our cakes are made from scratch for your enjoyment and with only the best ingredients. Our homemade, gluten-free pound cakes offer anyone suffering from gluten sensitivity a delicious option for dessert.  

Omni Montessori School
Nicole Burnette

These committed young students are bringing us wonderful produce, to include seasonal greens and micro-greens, edible flowers, herbs, eggs, and more.  Please come and encourage our youth! You'll find them at the market on alternating weeks this fall.
Sea Lavender Farm
John Lee

Sea Lavender Farm is a 10-acre sustainable agriculture experiment begun in 2012. A one-man project using primarily hand tools and livestock workers, the goal is to build food systems to grow a variety of meats, poultry, fish, fruits, and vegetables together using principles of permaculture and ecological farming.


In 2014, I concentrated on raising pork and expanding my

herd of heritage breed Red Wattle hogs to dig and fertilize new

vegetable and flowerbeds for 2015.




Sharonview Farm
Teri and Nasi

We specialize in growing shiitake mushrooms. To help manage our disappearing forests, we grow our mushrooms using sweet gum trees, and it's been very successful. Our mushrooms have a slightly sweeter flavor than if they were grown on oak trees.


I'm also a Master Gardener, and I enjoy offering my herbs, cut flowers, ground covers, and much more!


Fresh shiitake mushrooms dry very easily in a paper bag in the refrigerator. For best results, we recommend rehydrating dried mushrooms by soaking them in warm tap water for about 15 minutes before using, or, better yet, add the dry mushrooms to soup or a crockpot to soak up even more flavor.

Silver Linings
M ichelle Brunette


I've returned to the area and to the market this year, but I actually sold at the market the very first year it opened. Customers and vendors alike have welcomed me back and expressed how much they enjoy the exquisite colors brought to the market each week with the cut flower bouquets and cut herbs I bring. I will be back for the new season 2015.



The Specialty Farmer
Donna and Bill Makuch
 A Wonderful Time of the Year to Eat Local! 
The Specialty Farmer uses an old fashioned approach, based on nature's organic principles,  to grow  pure and  nutrient-dense offerings. This small-scale  farm provides a variety  of 100 % homegrown,  truly  fresh specialty vegetables,  using no synthetic insecticides,  herbicides, fungicides, or  genetically  modified seed.


Hickory Meadow Farm (a.k.a. Sunny Meadow)
Glenn and Christine Pruitt

Our small flock of happy chickens free range on an acre and a half of green meadow. They are fed natural grains and vegetables to supplement their natural foraging diet. We currently have Orpington and Ameracauna breed chickens that lay different shades of brown, blue, and green eggs. We love to watch them forage, play, and enjoy our sunny meadow.
We are a local Waxhaw farm that is committed to being good stewards of our animals and allowing them to live as naturally and healthy as possible.

T & D Farms
Todd and Danielle Mauldin
T & D Farms are producers of 100% All Natural Grass-Fed & Grass-Finished Beef, Pasture Raised Chicken, and Pork.

Family-owned and operated by Todd & Danielle Mauldin, T&D uses Charolais-Limousine cross cattle to produce an extremely tender lean beef that is naturally lower in fat. Cattle are allowed to graze freely on pasture grass from birth to slaughter.


Our all natural lean beef offers a healthy alternative to commercially raised feedlot beef.



Tyson Farms Bakery
Carolyn Porter

I 've lived in this area all of my life, and I've enjoyed being a seasoned southern baker for the Waxhaw Farmers' Market for many years. Each week I bring delicious sour creme pound cake, my best seller, and pies, along with cookies and brownies. Many folks tell me my peach cobbler is the best they've ever tasted! Try my coconut pie and my sweet potato pie, too! 
I make the best southern pound cakes and pies, the old-fashioned way! I also sell pickles and jams!

The Manager's Table
Ginette Morrison
The Waxhaw Farmers' Market is a non-profit organization. Here at the Manager's Table we raise funds weekly so that we can continue to provide a venue for our farmers and artisan vendors. This winter we're offering Ashe County cheeses and butter.  Funds raised help us with land leasing, the purchase and upkeep of our tents, advertising, insurance, and all the management and amenities we provide for the market. 

We're very proud of our farmers and artisan vendors, and we want to keep them coming to our community to provide us with farm-fresh, local foods and unique specialty items. 

Thank you for all you do to support us each week! 

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