I have said it before, but it is worth repeating.

We are Easter people. It is what defines us. This is our turf, this is our season.

We are people of resurrection, of reclamation; people of promise and potential; people of life in the face of death; people of hope and possibility in the face of uncertainty; we are people of love and compassion.

These are not just idle words. They are our way of life. They form our vision. They are our marching orders, our reason to live, our cause and effect, our starting and ending point; the stuff of authentic existence.

And, in the name of the relationship they celebrate – ours to God and each other - we are freed to begin the work of erasing the barriers that divide light from darkness, divine from profane, holy from secular, right from left, you from me, and all of us from the rest of creation, as we build the Kingdom of Love. Because Easter reminds us that we have nothing left to lose. Nothing.

This is going to be an unusual Easter. We did not ask for the health crisis unfolding before us, nor could we have foreseen how it would impact our lives. And, we do not know what yet lies ahead or what the lasting effects might be. But as a people defined by Easter, we are finding that not even this force of nature or the changes it has forced upon us, have been able to dampen our spirits or keep us from being the Body of Christ in mission. From the continuation of vital ministries, to the work of our many commissions and committees, to our caring for each other; and most importantly, to our gatherings around Word and Sacrament, we have found ways to continue to be the Church. 

And, we will celebrate that as we come together virtually this Sunday, April 12, to bless each other in the name of the risen Christ, just as we will celebrate Easter in all of its fullness when we finally gather again within our familiar space on our hallowed ground.

As you prepare to join in the celebration of life and light which is Easter, please consider a gift in support of the mission we share and the new challenges before us. No gift is too small, but considering the magnitude and importance of our calling, and the vital role we play as bearers of hope and health and life during this crisis, no gift is too large, either.

Since we cannot gather our Easter offering as usual on Sunday morning, we have made it possible for you to make a special offering by following this easyTithe link:

Our PayPal account is still valid for those who wish to use that online service: 

And, for those who still prefer the US Postal Service, our address as always, is P.O. Box 40, Sunderland, Maryland, 20689.

May the joy of Easter be yours in every waking hour; may its peace surround you in your rest; and may its unfathomable hope be your constant companion in the days ahead.