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Let Us Help You With All Your Easter Needs. In This Newsletter Are Sale Items,Gift Ideas,And Wine Suggestions For Easter. 
From Our Family To Yours Have A Very Happy And Safe Easter.

  Mike & Mark

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Easter Food&Wine Pairings
 Happy Easter Wine Glass
Wine Pairing for Ham
Riesling (Dry)
Sauvignon Blanc
Chardonnay (Medium Body)
Pinot Grigio/Pinot Gris
Pinot Noir
Wine Pairing for Lamb
Lamb is the traditional meat of the day. Spring lamb, leg of lamb, roast of lamb, stuffed lamb- they are all delightful,
and they all demand an equal in their wine pairing. So what wine do you pair with lamb?
Easy: a Pinot Noir. What we are after here is a fruity yet elegant red wine with just a zip of acidity that will animate the meal,
instead of weighing things down.

Other Foods:
Choose a light Pinot Grigio/Pinot Gris or crisp Chardonnay.
Pinot Grigio&Chardonnay are a great choice for most types of fish and seafood dishes,
and offers a well-balanced finish and crisp flavor. The same varietals are another top pick,
perfect with salmon, scallops, and even lobster.
Tomato-based dishes or casseroles
Pinot Noir
Roasted Chicken
Try a Shiraz/Syrah for a slightly peppery flavors.
A light merlot will also work well with a roast chicken and potato meal,
 while standard whites might include a Chenin Blanc, Pinot Blanc, or Chablis.

Wine Pairing for Asparagus, Peas, Lentils and all Spring Vegetables
Perhaps you are a vegetarian, and these will be the main plates for your Easter feast.
Otherwise, these are the traditional veggies seen as side dishes for the aforementioned ham and lamb.
Why not give them their own perfect wine pairing? Asparagus is one of the toughest vegetable to pair with wine,
and most restaurant sommeliers will give you the same answer if asked which one wine pairs with asparagus best:
Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Gris ( Pinot Grigio). Hands down, no contest, this is what this great white wine is known for.

Wine Pairing for Chocolate Bunnies and Marshmallow Peeps
Choc Bunny Peeps
Well, no discussion of Easter foods would be complete without a nod to these two fellows:
the chocolate bunny and the marshmallow peep. So what wine does one pair with chocolate and marshmallow?
Why, a sweet desert wine of course. But not just any dessert wine: we wanted something perfect, and we found it.
For the chocolate bunnies, Ice Wine will pair perfectly with the chocolate,
while the zip that remains in a well-made Ice wine will keep the whole pairing from getting too sweet or cloying.
And when celebrating Spring, isn't a thawed bit of Ice Wine the perfect idea?
For your marshmallow peeps, we recommend moscato. Again, it's the big aromatics in play here that will pair wonderfully
with the subtle flavors and sweetness of the marshmallow.
Italian Prosecco is also a great choice for the little peeps!
These wines also work great with those other Easter basket favorites: Jelly Beans!
Other Desserts
Cheesecake will work best with a bubbling Moscato D'Asti,
while chocolate cake or heavier desserts can be enhanced with a deep red or port wine.
 If you're making apple pie a la mode, pair it with Riesling.
   Chocolate Wines
Makes a Perfect Easter Gift!
takes the perfect pairing - Chocolate & Wine - to the next level,
 marrying fine wine and rich, dark chocolate to create an indulgent wine experience like no other.
"PURE HEAVEN" - NBC's The Today Show
"Our FAVORITE chocolate-flavored red wine"
- Wine Spectator
Chocolate Red Wine


Inviting aromas of black cherry and dark chocolate entwine and continue on the palate surrounded by hints of cocoa powder.
Nuances of red wine and residual sugar linger on the smooth finish.
Sweetening the tongues for centuries, chocolate and red wine has been the most reliable pairing in history.
Chocolate Shop takes this pairing to the next level, marrying chocolate flavor with red wine to create
a sumptuous drink. We start with a proprietary red blend of the finest vinifera varietals,
add a touch of oak and a kiss of sweetness to create the perfect fruit-driven foil for the rich dark
750ml $11.99
 Choc Shop
Special BOX OF CHOCOLATE 1.5L Box $11.99
  Chocolate Box

New Flavors To Try:
Chocolate Mint
Chocolate Strawberry
750ml's $9.99
Chocolate Strawberry 
Chocolate Mint 

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Cameron Hughes Lot373 French Meritage $9.99

  Hughes Cork

Caymus White $18.99

Cameron Hughes Lot391 Calf Blend  $12.99

Clos Du Bois Marlstone $34.99

Col Solare 2004 $59.99

Benziger Reserve Biodynamic Red $39.99

Mosby Lucca $10.99

Peirano Red Shorts Red $9.99

Veramonte $9.99




Chateau De La Cour D'Argent 2010 $17.99


Cabernet Sauvignon


Six Hats $9.99

Buehler Estate 2003 $35.99

BV Georges De Latour 1999,2001 $99.99

Divining Rod $14.99

Chatom Vineyards $17.99

Wild Hare $9.99

Kenwood Artist 1995 $55.99

Martin Ray Diamond Mountain 1999 $63.99

Shingleback $18.99

Silverado Limited 1997 $99.99

Rays Station $12.99

Clos Du Bois Marlstone $34.99




Adelsheim $19.99

Bianchi $15.99

Midnight $14.99

Tobin James Radiance $15.99


Tobin James  

Beachhouse $9.99

St Michelle 1.5L $19.99

31st State $9.99

Five Rows $10.99

Hybrid $11.99

Paraiso $14.99

Wild Horse $12.99




Bella Sera 1.5L $10.99

Gabbiano $7.99

Dievole $7.99




Andezon $12.99

Jaboulet Parallele 45 $11.99

Fuego 2011 $9.99

Breca 2011 $16.99





Cono Sur $11.99


Gruner Veltliner


Wachau $10.99




Bazan $12.99


Baz malbec  

Changala $15.99

STLTO Malbec/Merlot $9.99

Catalpa $17.99

Terrazas $12.99




Ribera Sur $13.99

Blackstone Sonoma $12.99

St Michelle Canoe Ridge Estate $17.99

Roblar $15.99

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Cameron Hughes Lot 356 $19.99




Ajeloo Zibibbo $9.99


Petite Sirah


Hybrid $9.99




Chateau De La Botiniere $10.99


Pinot Blanc


Girasole $11.99


Pinot Grigio


Hybrid $11.99


  hybrid pg

Mosby $12.99

Stlto $9.99



Beachhouse $9.99



Pinot Noir


Bianchi Edna Valley $23.99

Johan $23.99


Meiomi-Caymus $19.99

Domaine Carneros $29.99

Grady $19.99

Grady Pn  

Anthonny Nappa WHITE Pinot Noir $19.99



Forenzo $18.99

Veramonte Ritual $17.99

Planet $18.99

Zoll Cellars (Local) $22.99





Anthony Nappa Luminous $16.99




Palacio Verano $13.99

The Saint $14.99



Sauvignon Blanc


Chateau St Jean Fume Blanc $10.99





Boarding Pass $12.99

Chocolate Box $19.99


Chocolate Box Shiraz  

D'Arenberg Footbolt $17.99

Fetish Watcher $22.99

Jaboulet Crozes Hermitage $15.99

Shingleback $19.99

White Oak $24.99




Andeluna $11.99

Crios $12.99




Pedroncelli $14.99




Chocolate Shop $9.99

Prima Perla Prosecco $9.99


1.5L Specials


All Woodbridge $11.99

Bella Sera $10.99


Ros� Wines Are In Stock!


Rose wine 
Southern Comfort Pepper 1.75L $28.99
B&B 750ml $27.99
Baileys 1.75L $39.99
Kahlua 750ml $19.99
Bombay 1.75L $27.99
Bombay Sapphire 1.75L $37.99
Bacardi 1.75L Rum
White,Gold,Select $24.99
Captain Morgan 1.75L $29.99
Three Olives Vodkas 750mls $17.99
 Three olives choco 
Grey Goose 750ml $29.99
Absolut 1.75L $31.99
Jim Beam 1.75L $26.99
Canadian Club 1.75L $19.99
Dewars 1.75L $35.99
Jack Daniels 1.75L $42.99
Svedka Vodkas 1.75L $19.99
Stoli Vodkas 1.75L $31.99


Yuengling 24pk Bottles $17.99
Bud And Bud Light 24pk Bottles $17.99
Sam Adams 12pks $13.99
Bass 12pk $12.99
Coors Light 30pk $21.99
Rolling Rock 18pk Bottles/Cans $10.99
Smithwicks 4pk cans $6.99 
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