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Another really great week! So much going on and so much to do and accomplish as God continues to bless us as a church family. We are a privileged people to have Jesus as our Savior and Lord. I am constantly thankful to the Lord for all He does for us and for the way in which He has sustained us even through this pandemic. As I mentioned last week from the pulpit, I cannot commend you all enough for your faithful loyalty and continuing ministries over this past year. The Pandemic offered some people the opportunity to be sifted, but you have stood firm and honored the Lord in your giving, serving and loving on others in so many ways. God will continue to reward you personally, and all of us as a church collectively, because we have been faithful to Him.
Here are some points of interest to all of us:
Easter –
    Easter is just a few weeks away. Our theme is “ALIVE,” and we all need to be in prayer for this incredibly great day of worship together.
    On Easter Sunday morning, we will add an additional Celebration worship service at 10:30 AM in the sanctuary. We realize that Easter Sunday provides an opportunity for many to come to church, and so we want to provide ample space as best as we can.
   All Life Groups and Sunday Schools will be running wide open on that day as well. It is so good to see so many gathering together, while we continue to deeply respect and place a high premium on those who still need to worship and be in Life Group via online means. This is a great joy!
    Really be intentional about inviting your friends, family and neighbors to come and worship together as we thank God that Jesus is “ALIVE”!!
    Take note of the opportunity to pray at The Bridge on the night of April 1.
   At 12:00 Noon on April 2, we will have a Good Friday time of prayer and worship for 30 minutes in the Sanctuary. This is always such a precious time. Bring your families and invite your work associates to come remember what Jesus has done for us!
Church Life –
     You will all be receiving a great letter from David Wise (Chairman of the Church Council) and Bill Stewart (Chairman of the Vision 2020 Steering Team) giving you an update on the ongoing work being done by our teams, during Covid and now, as we begin to emerge from Covid. How thankful we are for all our teams who have continued to meet regularly throughout this time to carry the work on to significant levels of ministry excellence. Nothing has stopped in our church!
    We are going to call a Church Conference gathering for Wednesday, May 5 at 6:00 PM in the Chapel. This will give our leaders an opportunity to share reports with our people. I hope you can make plans to attend. The Sanctuary Choir (now rehearsing again - yippee!) are always a part of this, as are our students and many other groups.
Better stop there in case of overload!! We can only read and assimilate so much!
I cannot wait to see you Sunday with your Bibles in hand.
Your friend and pastor,
REVIVE 2021 is a church-wide prayer focus centered around 3 circles in our lives. Join with us as we seek to deepen our personal spiritual growth, our prayer for and relationships with our neighbors, and our dedicated prayer towards specific ministry areas right here at FBS.

Daily Bible Study and Prayer STRENGTHENS us!
You can get a copy of our daily SOAP scriptures HERE
Today's passage is John 6 and though we learn so much from the feeding of the 5000 - this passage is also rich with more great teaching of the sufficiency of JESUS! HE is ENOUGH! He is all we need - our food our living water! Don't miss out on spending time in God's Word with us, together, everyday!

Praying for our neighbors CHANGES us and our neighborhoods!
More and more are signing up to join in praying for our neighbors for a total of 188 families. See the graphic below showing how many have prayed, cared and shared!
If you haven’t had a chance to sign up yet you can do so HERE

Praying for our Church MULTIPLIES the fruit of Ministry!!
You will see more online this week about how to pray for the Student Ministry, our ministry emphasis this month… but you can pray over these areas HERE

Much more than a program… the intentional discipline that comes in the PLAN of REVIVE 2021 can be a great tool of God to help us stay focused and unified as we grow!
In this unique season remember we have ONLINE opportunities to Worship in addition to our worship centers!
1- Watch WSPA TV-7 or YouTube 
(No interaction just watching)
2- Watch and Interact via chat - FaceBook or Livestream  
(watching and interaction via chat and comments)
Watch, Like and Share last week's 
Services on Facebook
For the friends you want to invite to Worship, share last week's video and invite them to church this week!
Invite a friend to watch the Genesis Service on line, or live in the Hangar this Sunday!

Give your friends a taste of Wednesday Night! Share last week's video and bring them this week!
Share our pastor's Bible based teaching with your friends and spread the Encouragement!!
Thank you for your continued faithful generosity to the ministries of First Baptist Spartanburg. As we go through 2021, we want to encourage you to remain committed to being a faithful steward in every area of your life – time, talent, treasures and testimony. Here are some of the many options you can consider as you think about your financial stewardship:

1.  We will continue to collect tithes and offerings at the end of each service or you can use one of the drop boxes around the church.
2.  Online giving (one-time or recurring) through our Realm giving platform at is available 24/7. Currently over 40% of all gifts are given online.
3.  Vision 2020 – consider making an extra gift above your tithe to prepare for the relaunch of Vision 2020.
4. If you would like to give stock, please call our Business Office at 864-699-4225 and they can tell you how to have it transferred directly to the church.
5. If you are over 70 ½ and have to take a Required Distribution from your IRA, talk to your tax advisor about how you can send that directly to the church and save on taxes.
6. If you prefer to mail in your gift please send it to 250 East Main St. Spartanburg, SC 29306.
7. This may also be a good time to review your will and considered how you can bless First Baptist by establishing a legacy gift through your estate. Visit to learn more about how our partner, Philanthrocorp, can confidentially help you plan through this process at no cost to you.
We are excited to share inspiration and information every day from FBS both online and on our Social Media. You will find Encouraging Words from Dr. Don on Instagram, Facebook and our Website around noon each day! 
Online at and on all our socials - Facebook, Twitter and Instagram there are opportunities to stay connected! 
Follow us and join the conversation all week long!
Want to know how you can get involved in Missions Ministry? 
Join us in Room 168 (Near Gymnasium)
Sunday, March 28 at 9:00 or 10:30 am to learn more!

March Prayer Focus
The Annie Armstrong Easter Offering (AAEO) is the primary way we support mission efforts in North America. Every gift to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering – 100 percent – goes to train, resource and send thousands of missionaries involved in church planting and compassion ministries across the United States, Canada and their territories. Our partnership with Southern Baptist Convention churches and individuals makes this work possible.
Focusing this month on our NAMB Church Planters, including:
Rob Wilton and his family serving in Pittsburgh. Rob serves as the NAMB SEND City missionary for Pittsburgh. In this role, Rob oversees church planting operations, training, and care for all NAMB church planters in Pittsburgh.
Greg Wilton and his family serving in Clarkston and Atlanta, Georgia.  Greg serves as the National Director of Refugees and Internationals with SEND Relief in Clarkston, as well as he and his wife Abby planting a Vintage Church in the Greater Atlanta area.
Brandon Bowers and his family serving in Charleston, South Carolina with Awaken Church in two locations.
Checkerz Williams and his family serving in Baton Rouge, Louisiana at Renew Church.
Page Brooks and his family serving in New Orleans, Louisiana at Canal Street Church, a Mosaic Community.
Donny Coulter and his family serving in Alberta, Canada at Creekside Community Church in Pincher Creek.
Women on Mission
Join us March 22 at 10:45 am in Room 165 to hear a special word from our guest speaker Karyn Wilton.

If you missed the last Orientation for The Bridge, remember that these are held twice monthly. The next one will be Thursday, March 25. Come and hear about what is going on at The Bridge and take a tour as well. Hope to see you there!
 This month, START YOUR ENGINES and get ready to learn that we can love like Jesus loved! STOP and learn how Jesus loved, then GO and share His love with everyone you meet!
Download the PARENT CUE app here on your phone to watch Bible story videos and follow along at home each week.
The Woodlands Preschool
"from little seeds grow mighty trees"
The Woodlands Preschool Ministry is seeking loving childcare team members to serve in support of adult ministries. Please contact Martha Blackstone if interested in learning more. This is a paid position.”
Be an Encourager...Join the team where Christ makes the difference in the lives of His children every day! 
TKD Families we want to stay connected with you. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram @thekiddepot. Also join the remind text by texting @tkdupdates to 81010. God built us for community no matter where or how we can come together. Thanks for allowing us to partner with you on this parenting journey!
Life Groups are back meeting on campus each and every Sunday. The hallways are bustling, smiles and laughter are heard throughout, and our Life Group teachers are back to faithfully teaching the Word of God. We have rooms that allow for social distancing and are making every effort to sanitize the room before your arrival. If you have are looking for a Life Group to attend or need to verify its location, click HERE!
We are super excited to be Back to Life and hope to see you very soon!
The Adult Discipleship Groups will meet in the following locations.
10:15 AM - Sanctuary and Snack Bar in the Hangar
11:45 AM - Auditorium of the Hangar

We Are Senior Adult Ministry
Because we love you, our ministry team is committed to walk with you through this challenging time.  We are here to:
  1. Listen 
  2. Pray
  3. Share Jesus
  4. Talk
  5. Encourage
Be assured, we will be reaching out to you. Though the church meetings are not taking place on campus you can reach out to us any day by calling 864-583-7245. After hours, also connect with live prayer lines at 1-877-443-2273 or visit our website at

 Jesus is here for Us All!
We are here for You All!
So far in 2021, 4104 people have called/texted or emailed for prayer and 49 people have made decisions to accept Jesus through the broadcasts of 
The Encouraging Word!
Join us in praying for more to accept Jesus as Lord
Receive the Daily Encouraging Word, catch us on Social Media, or Request Prayer! 

Keep up to date with our broadcasts:

For Daily Bible Study 
Dr Wilton's Encouraging Word daily devotional is available free of charge in a number of ways! Each morning via email at It is also recorded Monday through Friday and can be listened to at 864.764.1462 . Or if you would like a copy of the quarterly magazine, call 1-866-899-WORD (9673).


Spartanburg Regional Hospital                                                                                                                           
Mary Ellen Wright                                                                   
Greenville Memorial Hospital (Prisma Health)
Jim Holloway (Vicky McLain’s father)
Pardee Hospital - Hendersonville, NC
Gilda Bolen

Hospital in Charlotte
Nancy Cauthen (John King’s sister)
Hospital in Savannah, Ga.
Frank Walters (Stan Walters’ brother) 

(All Residents are on the "At Home Neighborhoods" list)
White Oak - Northgrove
Bryan Hines (Dale Hines’ brother)
Peggy Wakefield

Valley Falls Terrace
Donna Garrison

Physical Rehab & Wellness Center
Booker Harmon

Lake Emory Post Acute Care - Inman
Tom Boyter

Jean Ivey - Hospice Care at White Oak North Grove
Lula Bell Clark (Katherine Good’s sister) - Hospice Care at Home
Mannie Horton - Hospice Care at Home
CR Rhinehart - Hospice Care at Home
Jerry Neal - Hospice Care at Home
Glenn Greer - Hospice Care at Home
Bill & Betty Woodard - Hospice Care at Home

Family of Melissa Fowler Brown (Jeannette Kirby’s niece) 2/15
Family of Helen Poteat (Chris Wheeler’s aunt) who passed away 2/16
Family of David Gillespie, Sr. (Dave Gillespie, Jr.’s father) who passed away 2/16
Family of Mary Prichard (Gail Vigodsky’s mother) who passed away 2/16
Family of Cloyes Starnes (Eula Williams’ brother-in-law) who passed away 2/17
Family of Patricia Dunger (Elaine Dunger’s daughter-in-law) who passed 2/17
Family of Johanne Fields who passed away 2/19
Family of Mary Jo Brown (Patty Smith’s mother) who passed away 2/21
Family of Vic Nicholls who passed away 2/22
Family of Leon Clayton Houchins (Debbie Sobeski’s father) who passed 2/25
Family of Larry Harvey (Leon Harvey’s son) who passed away 2/27
Family of Betty Willard who passed away 2/27
Family of Myrna Stokes who passed away 2/28
Family of Gene Johnson who passed away 3/2
Family of Pat Hollingworth (Sylvia Robinson’s sister) who passed away 3/5
Family of Jane Kendrick (Bobby Kendrick’s mother) who passed away 3/5
Family of Wesley Biggerstaff (Gail Johnson’s brother) who passed away 3/6
Family of Richard Dillingham (Ron Dillingham’s brother) who passed away 3/6
Family of Angela Andreone (Allyson Allen’s mother) who passed away 3/8
Family of Ed Knight (Karen Thomas’ father) who passed away 3/8
Family of Teresa Duncan (Sara Duncan’s daughter, Gail Berry & Sherri Duncan-Smith’s sister) who passed away 3/18


Margaret Byars (Shane Byars’ mother), Lesley Phillips, Lisa Timpson (Rhonda Lanford’s sister), Pennie Wood (Dianne Smith’s sister), Debbie & Roy Smith, Jr., Marge Woodruff, Miriam Vickery, Deborah Floyd (FCA basketball family), Don Grundmann, Melody Shull, Ross Tyser, Joe & Kaye Lawson, Teresa Epperly (Sal Barone’s sister), Chris & Lisa Knox & family (Mildred Knox’s family), Rachel McMillan, Jim & Elaine Mann, Myles Brock, Mitch Byers (Susi Smith’s father), Jason Varner, Geneva Cox (TEW viewer, Raven Millwood (Ken & Jeannette Kirby’s great-granddaughter), Norman High (Sophia Garland’s brother), Kevin Cauthen (John King’s brother-in-law), The Branam family, daughter Holli and baby, Jan Greene, Kelsey Campbell (Billy Campbell’s niece), Ola Adams (Ric Adams’ mother), Donna Garrison, Martha Grigg, Charlie & Lynn Lowery (Jean Lowery’s children), Angie Seay Davis (Tommy & Janice Jefferies daughter), Eddie Faehnrich (Don & Mattie’s son), Madlyn Berkland, Jimmie Hicks, Jerry Meeks, Robert & Carol Pall, Family of Millie Stirzaker, Jenny Johnson, Steve & Elizabeth Gage


MPACT Partners with birthdays and
anniversaries in March
Emilee (SIL) 3/2          
Eden (SIL) 3/31
Evan (SIL) 3/31          

Lt. Caleb Robinson, US Navy - Guam
PFC Luke Redding, US Army - Fort Bragg, NC
Matthew Dorfman, US Army - S. Korea
Brandon Duke - US Air Force - Jordan 
Joshua Ruff, US Marines - Camp Lejeune, NC  

Minister on Call:  For assistance, call 864.583.7245 -option 6 
At Home Neighborhoods / Care-Pray-Visit
Members in Asst. Living /Nursing Facilities as Residents
Ashlan Village
Miriam Vickery
Peggy Gilliland
Peggy McIntyre
Mildred Robertson
Brushy Creek Cottages in Greer
Martha Turner 
Cascades Verdae - Independent Living
Len & Kay Carroll 
Chandler Creek Village
Norma Jean Lagerholm
Eden Terrace
James Ballew
Jim & Elaine Mann  
Suzanne (Suzi) Smith 
Grady Stewart 
Jack Tyner 
Joyce Ward  
Mildred Fridy
*Easley Nursing Home
Carolyn Crowe
Lakewood Senior Living - Boiling Springs
Betty Heatherly  
Magnolia Manor Inman
Samuel Lee Perry
Rolling Greene - Greenville
Sally Hutcheson
Ruby McDowell  
Betty Toney
Rosecrest - Independent Living
 Loretta Cassell  
Steve Satterfield, Sr. 
Madge York 
Summit Hills Asst Living
Elaine Bond
Lib Woolbright 
Summit Hills - Independent Living   
Linda Arnold
Henry H. Hampton
Bill & Ruby Jeffords Sr.
The Terrace at Lakewood - Independent Living
Betty Medford  
The Waterford at Columbia
Jane Littlejohn    
Valley Falls Terrace
Juanita Byers
Wesley Court Asst. Living, Boiling Springs
Helen Young
White Oak Asst. Living Webber Rd
Jo Ann Adams
Margaret Kirby 
White Oak - Independent Living
Harriet Baughman
Sara Hall
Jim Miller
Bill Osteen
Jean Phillips
Pat Tate
Lou Ann Walker
Eula Williams
Marge Woodruff
White Oak, Northgrove
Mirth Bolton
Jean Ivey  *Hospice Care at White Oak Northgrove  
Louise Keesler 
White Oak Manor- East Pearl St.
Sara Duncan
Winsor House - Greenville
Christine Woodsby       
Woodruff Manor
Dee Bolton 
Our FBS "At Home" Residents enjoy your care through cards, calls & visits. Please contact the church office if you have any updates. 864-583-7245 or by email to
This list contains members who are residents in nursing & assisted living neighborhoods. Please let us know when someone is in the hospital or a facility for rehab so they can be added to the "Let Us Pray" list. If someone is living "At Home" independently they will be listed through their Life Groups and Deacons.
Encouraging Complete and Courageous Living in Christ

First Baptist Spartanburg
(864) 583-7245