as you may already know, spring is a very exciting time at Crafted Decor - it's like Christmas all over again as the shop has been reinvented for the next season. Many customers have commented that at least it feels like spring when they enter Crafted Decor.

With Easter around the corner, there are plenty of unique gift ideas for Easter from gourmet chocolates (for adults too), and cute baby items, to fun tea towels.

While our best selling lines are always stocked, there are many new introductions in each. And after a month long buying process in January, many NEW and amazing products have arrived in all of our departments:
personal care
fashion -clothing, jewelry and accessories
and home accents

they can't all be featured here, but if you would like to know what is new as it arrives - you can join our social media (symbols at the top of the newsletter are clickable links)
FarmHouse Fresh
A new shipment of FHF top sellers has just arrived, including

Fluffy Bunny Hand Cream

This Shea Butter whip is a tubeful of comfort in their lightest, fluffiest scent. It's fresh, but uplifting and delicious at the same time.

Just like other FHF shea butter creams, the supple butters and vitamin E-packed jojoba and soybean oils calm even the severest of dry skin, without a hint of a greasy feel.
*96% natural
Sugarfina works directly with small artisan candymakers around the world to create the most beautiful, exclusive, and delicious treats

Not pictured but in stock: Champagne Bears, Cuba Libre, and Vodka Cordials, and Tequila Grapefruit Sours.

If you are having celebration and would like many cubes for party favours or bulk candy for serving, please contact Crafted Decor 3-4 weeks before your event.
Pink Chocolate
Sparkling Rosé Bears
Signature Rosé gummy bears dipped in Parisian pink chocolate, wrapped up in a chic tin.
Single Malt Scoth Cordials
The gentleman's cordial.

A rich dark collate shell holds a mini dram of Scotland's finest

Cask strength
Made in Germany
Sugarfina Chocolate Bunny
Made of rich milk chocolate from Paris, this sweet little bunny is ear-resistible from head to tail. Can be given to children (no alcohol) and adults alike.
Michele Design Works
Known for their beautiful packaging each season (designed in-house); Michele Designs is a great way to add spring colours and scent to your bathroom, and makes an excellent hostess gift.

Rhapsody - Sweet Butterfly bush with accents of honey, carnation, and rain
Inigo Cotton - The freshness of linen with powdery floral undertones of violet, carnation and lily of the valley

Honey Almond - Sweet almond muddled with cherry, vanilla and honey

Peacock - Cypress, cedarwood and patchouli with notes of cinnamon, pine and amber
Each scent is available in:
*foaming pump soap
*room spray
*large soap bar
*hostess napkins
*hand soap napkin caddy
Wildly Delicious
I you visited during the holiday season, you may have had an opportunity to sample these delicious jams and marmalades, produced right here in Toronto.

They are back just in time for Easter entertaining; add them to your cheese or charcuterie platters:

Black Garlic Jelly
Tangerine & Red Chilli Jelly
Ghost Chilli Jelly
Beet & Red Onion Marmalade
Spiced Whisky Marmalade
Ma's Kitchen
Chocolate Crunch
Always a top seller - A fresh batch has just arrived in time for Easter.

If you or the kids are gong to indulge in some chocolate for Easter; make it a quality, hand-crafted, locally-made treat. I have tasted similar products by many others on my buying excursions, but I have never had anything that comes close to Ma's Kitchen.

Made with an incredible crisp buttery caramel candy, poured over fresh almonds and pecans, then topped with white dark or milk chocolate.
* Locally-made
* handcrafted
Bunny Stir Sticks
These cute stir sticks are hop-ing for a home...add them to one of the many cute, or funny mugs now in stock.
MORE spring items...
unicorn journals
Unicorns, Lamas & Flamingos
There are many unique items in these on-trend motifs, for adults and children alike.
flamingo mug
Crafted Decor has been carrying Snoozies for about 15 years now. They have always been a best seller for their comfort and warmth.

*not a sock or a slipper - but a crossover between the two
*very good non-skid sole sole they can be worn safely on tile or wood
*lined with a soft Sherpa fleece inside
* machine washable
*always new designs in the latest fashion trends and colours
Spring and summer fashions are arriving weekly!
ss2019 fashions
floral jeans
I am lucky enough to be in good company when I go clothes buying with Edna (who owned Sunflower Boutique in town for 20+ years). We look for fashion for women's silhouettes and have already had many compliments from customers about finding nice pieces.

Angela Mara
Bella Amore
GG Jeans
Catherine Lilywhite
Smash + Tess
Orange - Fashion Village
Katherine Barclay
Samuel Dong

As well, we have assembled a collection of:

jogger jeans - looks like denim, but they are made of soft thin track pant material

kimonos in bold patterns and bright colours

fanny packs - hugely popular, can worn as a cross body bag

Jewelry - especially earrings in the latest trends and colours
Sid Dickens
A new shipment of tiles arrived this week - on it is the NEW

Easter 2019
Special Occasion Tile
SP14 - Vibrant
"May the birds sing of nature's brilliant colours
in the spirit of rejuvenation and new life."

Pictured is an inspiration wall featuring both Easter Special Occasion tiles (the bunny from last year, and the two birds below it are SP14)


Mother's Day
Special Occasion Tile
SP15 - Sanctuary
"A place of warmth and love, offering comfort and guidance."

**this is the only shipment that will arrive before Mother's Day, so if you are interested in this tile, please do not delay.
You know what they say...
April showers, bring May flowers

so why not look stylish in the rain?
Inverted Umbrellas

This is our third season, with this new concept in umbrellas. It is very convenient when it comes to getting in and out of cars. Since it folds upwards, it is super easy to close as you are closing your car door - keeping you and your car interior dry (by closing the umbrella fully, the water stays inside the umbrella).
*made of pongee cloth, durable fibreglass ribs, and a double layer of cloth making it sturdy umbrella
*the handle design is cushioned making it not only more comfortable, but can be hands free too
*available in newsprint, clouds, and Gerber daisy
Maison Berger
"Geometry" is a new gift set available for those who want to give a gift. It comes with a everything you need to get started including a 180ml fuel (comes with Paris Chic or Fresh Linen depending on the colour of bottle).

There is also many wonderful fragrances to make your home smell fresh, or like a bouquet of spring flowers
THANK YOU to all those who made our VIP list (whether you were able to attend or not). Having such supportive customers means a lot to small business like Crafted Decor.
VIP night
VIP night 2019
In the FYI section (at the bottom of each newsletter) there is information on how YOU can be eligible for this exclusive event:

**VIP Night Invitation**
If you would like to qualify for this exclusive event each spring, you must review 5 emails, or have filled 3 customer appreciation ballots in separate visits
in the previous calendar year

It was a great night, similar to our Christmas open house (but less crowded and everything on sale). 2019 has only just started, so we hope to invite you for this event next year!

Crafted Decor gift certificate winners from the VIP night:

$200 - Eleanor Chan
$100 - Jeanne Favaro
$100 - Margaret Tannahill
$100 - Lily Chan-Sing
$100 - Andrea Nurse
$100 - Mimi McCorquodale

Private free parking for customers (at the rear)
*please don't park on the diagonal lines
(they are X's to mark the NO parking area)
*let us know if you are going to run other errands while parked in the lot to avoid being ticketed   

Complimentary gift wrapping for items over $10
while you wait 
pre-order quantities and have your gifts wrapped
and ready for pick up
( excluding all sale/discounted items)

Senior's Day  
The first Wednesday of every month is Senior's Day.
Customers over the age of 60 save the taxes on their purchases (excluding Sid Dickens, Michael Aram,
Smash+Tess & SugarFina)
If you'd like to be reminded of Senior's Day every month, please email us at
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**VIP Night Invitation**
If you would like to qualify for this exclusive event each spring, you must review 5 emails, or have filled 3 customer appreciation ballots in separate visits
in the previous calendar year

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