PRESIDER: God has raised Jesus Christ from the dead. We now lift up our prayers to the Lord of Life.  
For our Church…that God would renew our Holy Father Pope Francis, our Bishop Oscar Cantu, our pastors and all of our church’s ministers with the hope of the Resurrection...for all those who preach the Resurrection of our Lord, that they would encounter the Lord Jesus daily... We pray to the Lord.    
Lord hear our Prayer

For our world and our country...for the renewal of all humanity...for a quick end to the pandemic and a quicker end to the racial hatred that separates us...that God show mercy to all peoples by granting conversion of hearts in the recognition of the dignity of all persons...We pray to the Lord. 
All: Lord hear our Prayer

For those who were fully initiated at thanksgiving for the newest members of the Body of Christ baptized yesterday evening...that our ten neophytes have a vibrant and joyful witness of disciples to accompany them...We pray to the Lord. 
All: Lord hear our Prayer

For the spiritual renewal of our parish and school...for the fresh outpouring of the mercy of God on all the faithful who will have returned to our parish this week…in thanksgiving for the graces of the Holy Week... We pray to the Lord. 
All: Lord hear our Prayer

For all those who have asked our parish to pray for them… Cathy Williams, Edgar Israel Miranda Martinez, Emmanuel Gutierrez, Jennifer Velez, Sandra Fernandez, Nelly Menendez, Barbara Jimenez, Leandro Villarreal, Manuel Soria                                We pray to the Lord.   
For those who have recently died we now entrust to the mercy of God... Victoria Urueta, Luis R. Vasquez, Pauline LoMonaco, Rudolph Ramirez,                    We pray to the Lord. 
All: Lord hear our Prayer

At this Eucharist, we remember:  
8:00AM –       Mary E. & Abraham M. Andrade Sr.+, Dick Scanlan+, Parishioners of SJV          
10:00AM        Tony V. Alves+, Angelita Mexia+, Antonio & Julia Correia       
                                                                                                       We pray to the Lord. 
All: Lord hear our Prayer

PRESIDER: God our Father you have raised your beloved Son from the dead. Raise us up with the renewal of faith and hope in your power in our life. Hear and answer these prayers we make with humble trust through the same Christ our Lord. Amen.  

PRESIDER: Please be seated. We invite you to place your Sunday offerings in the blue baskets closest to your seat or through the online offering. [Community Center: For those in cars, our usher will come to you.] God reward your generosity.