Sunday outdoor service at 
10 AM on Easter Sunday, April 4
All the pageantry! 
Trumpets, baptism, a Vigil and Easter all at once
You can choose to live-stream the service at home or be in person at the outdoor service, both at 10 AM.
If you come in person, please
  • Wear masks.
  • Bring water bottles.
  • Wear hats, either for comfort or for the Easter Bonnet Parade.
  • Park in the Medical Center parking lot.
  • The church parking lot is reserved for those with ambulatory issues.
  • Note: We are working on creating a little more shade this Sunday for those
who need it, but be prepared to sit in the sun seats.
We will have a fun Sunday School at the outdoor Easter Sunday service at 10am! Kids will hear the story of Jesus’s resurrection, play games, and have an Easter egg hunt. We hope to see you there to celebrate with us! Wear your mask and come to have some fun with old and new friends!
We ask that one parent, guardian, or older sibling comes with our youngest members to keep them socially-distanced and safe from the roads, as our two teachers won't be able to be one-on-one with any little ones.
For the adults, you can join in the EASTER PARADE! After the postlude, line up (6 feet apart) to stand in front of the brick wall at the south end of the parking lot, look into the live-stream camera, show off your Easter bonnet (or men's hat, or dress, or shirt, or shorts, or beard, or . . . ), wave to your online fellow parishioners, and walk off the set! (Then go home and watch the parade at the end of the service.)