Benjamin's Box Activity

Dear Parents:

Just a few things I wanted to send your way today:
Starting on Palm Sunday, and throughout the days of Holy Week, I am going to read the story, “Benjamin’s Box” to the kiddos of Bethlehem. It is the story of a child named Benjamin who puts treasures in his box that tell the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection. We will send these daily videos by email every morning and will also post them to the community Facebook page. I hope it’s a meaningful way to engage the story! There’s no need to prepare ahead of time; in fact, it’ll probably be fun for kids to search for objects that can fill the box. But I thought I’d give you a heads up just in case you want to gather a few things together; at the very least a box.

List of items to collect:

  • Box- a shoe box or Amazon box will work great. You can put your kids’ name(s) on it and invite them to decorate it on Palm Sunday.
  •  A donkey/picture of a donkey/fur
  •  Coin
  •  Cup
  •  Small twig
  •  Piece of leather or string
  •  Thorn or branch (can also use cocktail spears)
  •  Nail
  •  Small stone or a dice
  •  White cloth
  • Rock
Thanks, everyone. I’ll miss seeing all the children process into the sanctuary on Palm Sunday, but I’m sending prayers and love your way for this Holy Week that we will not soon forget. 

Peace and love,
Pastor Sarah Rohde, Lead Pastor