Inspiration for my Easter Year B visual begins with the declaration of the heavenly host to the shepherds:  "Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace among those whom he favors!" In the birth of Emmanuel, God's peace, God's endlessly good intentions for humankind, takes on human form and becomes resident among us.
The greeting of the heavenly host adds import to Jesus' post-resurrection declarations.  Moving beyond compassionate assurances to his frightened followers, "Peace be with you!" (Luke 24:36, John 20:19, John 20:21, and John 20:26) is a bold statement that the peace that entered the human story at the time of his birth had come to fulfillment in his resurrected presence among them.  In prevailing over sin, death, and the power of evil and in being raised to new life, the Risen Christ manifests God's full and abundant peace and goodwill toward humankind. Through baptism into Jesus' death and resurrection, we become members of Christ's Body, called to live as participants in the unfolding of the abundance of God's peace among all people.
The Body of Christ, that new community that Jesus forms around himself and that we know as the church, is called to embody God's peace, to be a visible sign of the ongoing revelation of God's endlessly good intentions toward all people.  This Body is called not to step out in power and force to coerce the world into its own visions of peace. Rather, the Body of Christ is called to humble discernment of how it can most faithfully participate in the abundance of God's peace as it is being revealed in Christ's in-breaking reign. The Risen Christ calls the church to live in ongoing openness to God's will, God's ways, and God's timeline.
Moving far beyond the bounds of a cheerful "Good morning," sharing the Peace with one another in worship is a resounding affirmation of the abundance of God's peace and goodwill within and among us. Offering and receiving the Benediction moves far beyond perfunctory blessing to become a calling forth of the abundance of God's goodwill for the empowerment of our personal and collective peace-making in the world.  
May the abundance of God's goodwill ... God's endlessly good intentions revealed through and residing in the Risen Christ ... God's peace that surpasses all human understanding be our joy and power in this and every season!
After many years of focusing my art practice on the creation of commissioned liturgical projects for congregations, regional judicatories, and denominational headquarters, I am now pleased to make these seasonal
collections of liturgical visuals available as a GIFT to the church in the hope that they will enrich worship, especially during this time of particular challenge.   
This season's resources focus on an image of the Risen Christ that has been formatted for use as fabric or paper banners, bulletin covers, social media posts, postcards for print or electronic dissemination, a projection graphic, and even a poster for children to color -- all ready for customization based on each particular context.   
I welcome your feedback and appreciate your suggestions on ways I might make the resources more useful.  I also appreciate hearing how you make use of the resources in your context. 
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Linda Witte Henke