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The Upper Room
After we have celebrated Easter, let us remember to live the resurrection always because God's risen life means peace is possible in our lives and world.

Perceiving Resurrection in the Light of God’s Grace to Us and the World
As Christians, we definitely find ourselves urged to reconsider our perception of resurrection beyond a mere historical event that is celebrated because it commemorates a central dogma for us.
Bishara Awad's Autobiography
Bishara's life story, co-written with Mercy Aiken, is a moving account of a Palestinian family trying to survive the war in 1948 in Jerusalem.
Jesus' Life and Teachings Course
“We tried to reconcile the full Christian faith with their faith because we felt that there is a historical gap, and through this course, we connected the past with the present.”

2021 BethBC Ministry Report
Our story, the story that YOU are part of, is the impact that the College has had on our students, faculty, staff, and neighbors. Join us to rejoice over what the Lord has done so far!

As some of you might know, in Bethlehem we celebrate Easter twice, therefore, it is a long season of celebrations. However, Easter is not a yearly occasion but rather a lifetime of joy and victory over sin and evil. So let us continue to celebrate and give thanks for a new life, celebrations, and the goodness of God!

  • Restrictions of the occupation have increased, mainly during the season of resurrection. For example, the number of people allowed to enter the Church of the Holy Sepulcher on Saturday for the Holy Fire service was reduced to half. Please pray for a time when we all can worship in peace, without restrictions.

This month witnessed the killing of many people, including a 20-year-old young man, and a mother of six children, among many others. Let us remember those who have died and their families. Please pray for us in our grief and sadness and pray for peace to prevail in the Holy Land.

  • Every year during Ramadan, the Shepherd Society (the social arm of Bethlehem Bible College) works hard to reflect the light and love of Jesus to the families in Bethlehem. Please pray that our outreach is effective.

As you may know, Ramadan will end in a couple of days, after which our Muslim brothers and sisters will be celebrating Eid al-Fitr. Let us all join in prayers for them. May the Lord use this time to reveal Himself to them in a new and fresh way!

  • Praise the Lord, for Bethlehem is alive again with tourists! Please continue to pray for the families of Bethlehem who lost so much during Corona and pray that this season may be a beginning towards economic restoration.
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