"For I remember it is Easter morn, and life and love and peace are all new born."
— Alice Freeman Palmer
Speaking of Easter....baskets! We have baskets! Of the hanging floriferous variety. Candy for your eyes is better anyway, eh?
These beauties are all sun lovers!
They are just starting to come into full force flower and with a little care they will look good all summer long. Just remember to fertilize regularly (we love using Espoma's Bloom! Super Blossom Booster) and give them a haircut here and there to encourage better branching, which means more full coverage flowers. Applying a slow release fertilizer to the surface of the soil like Osmocote Plus is another surefire way to ensure extra nutrients and long season blooms.
Easter Sunday hours: we are open!
Decorative Air Plant Holders
Just remember to provide your Tillandsia with bright, indirect light, and good air circulation. A weekly misting or soaking to give them a drink, and they will thrive for you!
The cutest wooden mounts for all your Tillandsia friends. Commonly known as air plants, these botanical curiosities can be found in jungles, rain forests or deserts-and increasingly in homes and offices! Their low-maintenance care and intriguing shapes are
hugely appealing.
Flourish Magazine
This week is the week! Our annual publication, Flourish, will be mailed out to all you cool cats and kitties out there. This year's issue is dedicated to longtime employee Karen Hopson who will be retiring this year. While our tears fall onto the pages and we squint through puffy eyelids, we read on about the colors of the year, how to re-wild your backyard, and so much more!
Pretty Piglet Series
by Karla Chambers
We are so excited about these one-of-a-kind yard decorations from Corvallis' own Karla Chambers! Each pretty piglet is unique and has it's own personal style and flair. They look so great in front of the barn in their little playpen. Also new from Karla Chambers, a new line of wooden wick candles with labels featuring her artwork. Don't forget the pretty piglet soaps and their fluffy sheep cohorts!
Critters in Concrete
A new shipment of animal statuary from Campania has landed. You can find these frozen friends displayed all around the barn and mixed within the Tiny Treasures.
Tomato Starts
The first batch of tomato starts have arrived in both organic and conventional. It's still a little nippy outside so keep an eye on those night-time temps and remember to protect from frost. Ideally they do not want to be exposed to temperatures less than 40 degrees F.
Don't forget to use Espoma's Tomato-tone starter fertilizer for the juiciest, tastiest 'maters.
(It also helps prevent blossom end rot!)
Little Sprouts Take Home Kit
Flower Basket April 9-11
Sprouts will learn how to plant and grow their own hanging basket! Each kit will include a growing guide, pulp hanging basket, 6pack of assorted annuals, soil and fertilizer.

Cost: $10.00

Pre-registration is required. Please call 541-753-6601 to reserve your kit today!