Eastertide Bible Study:

Looking at the Apostles

Our reading of the Gospels, especially in the season of Lent, draws our attention repeatedly to this unusual group of men that Jesus gathered around him and who accompanied him throughout his ministry. While a number of these individuals are very well known – like Peter, John, and Thomas – many Christians have difficulty in discerning how exactly they fit into the story of Jesus and the life of the early Church.

Beginning April 14th at 6pm, Luke Martinez (our Field Education Student) is leading a six week, weekly Bible Study. The study will look at the Apostles as they are remembered in our Holy Scriptures, and discuss the ways that their experiences and growth can speak to us as modern Christians. Moreover, we will also look at historical and archaeological sources relating to the Early Church to better understand how these simple men – fishermen and tax collectors – served God's Son and became the pillars of our faith. If you have have any questions contact Luke here. You can access the Zoom link here.