Hybrid Worship
Second Sunday of Eastertide
April 24, 2022
Welcome to Worship! Our services in this season will be patterned on Shadow Rock's core values of inclusion, justice, and spirituality. We celebrate the struggle and the times we get it right.
Spiritual Formation - 9:00 am
Adult Spiritual Formation
All are welcome to spiritual formation Sunday mornings at 9 o'clock, in person or on Zoom. Our discussions and gatherings during Eastertide will focus on our experiences of joy. This Sunday's topic is the joy of creation. Our opening scripture is Psalm 118.
Worship - 10:15 am
Pre-Service Environment: We enjoy visiting with each other and connecting. Online participants are invited to open their camera feed and unmute to visit.


Singing Our Faith ~ Circle of Friends
Come and sit together in a circle of friends
Be at home, be at peace, be at rest.
Come and sit together in a circle of friends,
Sitting in a circle is best.
Chorus: Laugh (echo), cry (echo), live (echo), die (echo),
Hello (echo), goodbye (echo),
And God make us a circle of friends.

Somewhere it is evening and the woods fill up with moonlight.
The creatures make their music and the word is on the wind.
There’s a fire in the clearing and the voices you are hearing
Are the singing of a circle of friends.

Somewhere it is morning and the church fills up with sunlight.
The Spirit’s in the music and the word is on the wind.
There is fire on the table and the bread and wine are speaking
And God makes us a circle of friends.

Welcome and Announcements

Singing Our Faith ~ Draw the Circle Wide
Chorus: Draw the circle wide. Draw it wider still.
Let this be our song, no one stands alone,
Standing side by side, draw the circle wide.
God the still-point of the circle,
Round whom all creation turns;
Nothing lost, but held forever
In God’s gracious arms.
Let our hearts touch far horizons,
So encompass great and small,
Let our loving know no borders,
Faithful to God’s call. Chorus
This is our time to share our lives: 
celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, words of kindness and works of peace and justice. We also share our cares, concerns and vulnerabilities.

Celebration Song
Laugh (echo), cry (echo), live (echo), die (echo),
Hello (echo), goodbye (echo),
And God make us a circle of friends.

Invitation to Give of Ourselves

Prayer of Dedication
God's People Are Cool - a video celebration


Word About Life - Shared by
Rev. Ken Heintzelman

Acts 5:27-32
When they had brought them, they had them stand before the council. The high priest questioned them, saying, "We gave you strict orders not to teach in this name, yet here you have filled Jerusalem with your teaching and you are determined to bring this man's blood on us." But Peter and the apostles answered, "We must obey God rather than any human authority. The God of our ancestors raised up Jesus, whom you had killed by hanging him on a tree.
God exalted him at his right hand as Leader and Savior that he might give repentance to Israel and forgiveness of sins. And we are witnesses to these things, and so is the Holy Spirit whom God has given to those who obey him."


Spiritual Direction Tip - Shared by Karen Richter
see the box below

Words for Mission
One: As we go forth, let us strive to sustain our resurrection joy, despite grief and despair—despite everything!
All: May we live in gratitude for those with whom we share this journey. 
One: These are the times.
All: We are the people.
One: All of Creation is blessed.
All: May we love all and serve all.
One: May God be with you.
All: And also with you.
One: Amen.
All: Amen.

Sending Forth
Spiritual Direction Tip:

This week, practice emotional self-awareness.

Did you know? Most adults are aware in the moment of three
basic emotions: happy, sad, and angry. Because our emotions affect our behavior and our well-being, this lack of awareness has real consequences.

This week, find a way to expand your capacity to be aware of
your emotional state. Here are some ideas to get you started:

⇒ Find an anchor in your day. Set an alarm or reminder on your phone. When it chimes, take a breath and name how you’re feeling in the moment. Alternately, think of a part of your daily routine (like making a pot of coffee) and use this time to bring your awareness to the emotions you’re experiencing at that time.
⇒ A formula for emotions might look like this: PHYSICAL
SENSATION + LANGUAGE = EMOTION. Our emotions involve
body experiences like quickened breath or fatigue. Our
experience of our emotions is also shaped by the words we
use to describe them.
⇒ Take a look at the partial list of emotion words below. Think about a time when you've experienced them.
How do you know how to name a particular feeling?
⇒ Find someone with whom to share. Have a conversation at least occasionally about how you were feeling as you moved through the week.  
⇒ Journal your feelings! If you are also seeking a creative outlet, try bullet journaling. If you are prone to over extending, Google search some quick journal formats.  

In one-on-one spiritual direction sessions, a director may have three chairs sitting together in the meeting space. One chair is for the director and a second chair is for the seeker. The third chair symbolizes the Spirit, the True Director.