Eastham COVID-19 Update #10 Bob Sheldon , Realtor®
May 25, 2020 - Special Edition
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Coronavirus Update #10

I plan to publish an update video each week until we get the 'all clear'. Hopefully this won't be too much longer.
Summer Rental Survey ... Pass 2
Last week I presented a rental survey- I asked " Have you had many cancellations for this summer?". This is the same question that I posed in my April 13th Update (#4). The contrast is interesting, but not surprising.

The response by 52 of you....
  • No - None - 21% (was 56%)
  • Yes - A Few - 50% (was 32%)
  • Yes - A Lot - 29% (was 12%)

What does this tell us? I think it says that some summer visitors have given up on this summer, while many others have chosen, at least to this point, to still come and enjoy Eastham's beaches, bike path, and get away from their current state of house arrest.
Massachusetts Reopening Plan - Entering Week 2
I've taken the time to re-raw Gov Baker's fancy chart in a way that we can track our progress. I'll try to maintain this chart so that the key dates remain front and center and that we get to see our goal, the 'New Normal', now slated for July 20th (ugh!). Each phase is a minimum of 3 weeks, with the possibility that any phase can expand as the data (and the Governor) requires.

We are 'officially' entering Week #2 of Phase 1, where a few new things open up. This week (starting 5/25) has...
  • barbershops
  • hair salons
  • car washes
  • beaches
... all with proper 'Social Distancing'. Check out the full list at 'Reopening Massachusetts'.

Phase 2, no earlier than 6/8, are short term rentals, hotels, restaurants, and a lot of other businesses.
Just For Fun ....
Here's a jigsaw puzzle to keep you occupied. It's a photo I took on Town Cove a few years ago. Check it out .... Here.

This is from JigSawExplorer.com. You can configure any image several ways. Try it out.
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