Eastham COVID-19 Update #13 Bob Sheldon , Realtor®
June 15, 2020 - Special Edition
RE/MAX Spectrum
Coronavirus Update #13

I plan to publish an update video each week until we get the 'all clear'. Hopefully this won't be too much longer.
Mass Reopening Plan - Phase 2
We are one week into Phase 2 today! (June 15th). This past week we saw the beginning of the summer season. In some regards the season seems to be starting early. The beaches seemed more full (we had great weather) and there was a bit more traffic than in previous years. I may simply be more aware of these upticks than I normally would be.

Importantly, stores and restaurants also began to open up. Many local eating establishments now have outdoor seating in their parking lots. Rooftop decks are beginning to open up. This next week will see even more 'opening up'. I can't wait! (but I have to).

Below is Gov Baker's chart, redrawn so we can track our progress. I'll try to maintain this chart so that the key dates remain front and center and so we can see our goal, the 'New Normal', slated for July 20th (ugh!). Each phase is a minimum of 3 weeks, with the possibility that any phase can expand as the data (and the Governor) requires. Check out the full list at 'Reopening Massachusetts'.
Wellfleet Drive In
This may be one of the hidden gems of the COVID-19 experience. The Wellfleet Drive-In is open, with reduced capacity, showing newer and classic movies. Many studios are not releasing new films so these 'oldies' may be all we get. One of the first films shown was 'Back to the Future'. How appropriate.

There are new 'social distancing' rules to follow and, since the number of spaces is limited, it's advisable to pre-purchase your tickets on-line. Some of the early screenings 'sold out'. Go to their website... https://www.wellfleetcinemas.com/drive-in-theatre/ for schedules, new rules, and tickets..
I Am MOVE SAFE Certified

Just for Fun ... Kitchen Design
As a Realtor, I see a lot of things that shouldn't be shared. Nicely, so do other Realtors, several of whom record the worst designs they see and share them on the internet. Kitchens are the place of maximum creativity, both good and bad. Here's a collection of the worst. Just for fun.

I apologize if any of these kitchens are yours. I have no way to know....
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