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February 3, 2022 | Volume 2. Issue 14
Dr. Miller's Blog
For Parents
When my son was a baby he was fussy! My pediatrician never officially declared him a colicky baby, but he was fussy. And it was exhausting! 
When he was about two months old, I discovered that singing The Itsy Bitsy Spider calmed him. So, like any desperate and exhausted mom, I sang The Itsy Bitsy Spider over and over again. No Alexa then … just mom. I am not sure why the song worked so well. It was so simple.
Embracing Change and New Beginnings
with Laura from Criminal Justice
Making a change and trying something new isn’t always easy. Laura, a senior Criminal Justice student from Reynoldsburg, says that choosing Eastland-Fairfield is absolutely a decision she has not regretted. Hear her story, her why for choosing Eastland-Fairfield, and her plans after completing her program and graduating.
A look inside the Multimedia Program
Above: With their project done, Mathias, Marcus, and Addie (Pickerington North) take some time to have a little fun.
When you walk into the Multimedia satellite program lab at Pickerington High School North, you immediately feel a different vibe. It is, as the kids call it, "chill". To start class with a laugh, instructor Doug Rider opens up with a Dad Joke Challenge. Music representing all genres and generations flows through the air. Mice are clicked. Keyboards are mashed. Work of all types is being completed.

It's not your typical classroom. Then again, what is at Eastland-Fairfield? But in the Multimedia program, the students have the freedom to create and work on projects of their choosing, at their pace, and still meet (or exceed) a high standard.
Maxwell (Gahanna, far) and Emma (PHSN, near) show off their editing skills while working on their news broadcast production.
Clara (PHSN), Alexa (PHSN). Mackenzie (Millersport), and Amy (Millersport), strike a pose after presenting their global marketing campaign for Rule 3 .
Will, Caden, Emma, and Ella (PHSN) are ready to showcase their website on carbon footprints.
When we walked into the Multimedia lab we learned that the students had just finished and presented their projects for the Business Professionals of America (BPA) regional competition. The diversity of the types of projects was just as amazing as their quality. One group created a video advocating for the positive impact eSports may have on a student. Another designed an advocacy website from scratch addressing carbon footprints. Across the room, two students were working on editing a 5-minute news broadcast that they staffed and filmed themselves. An animated puppy wagged its tail on the computer screen just six feet to that group's left. At the front of the room, a group of four showed off their business plan to introduce a global marketing initiative for a local recreation business.

Where you go is up to you. The Multimedia satellite program at Pickerington North can be the road you take to get there!

Oh, and the Dad Joke Challenge winner that day?
"Today, my son and I went to go get glasses. Tomorrow, we'll see." - Doug Rider
Creating animations is one of the many things you can learn in the Multimedia satellite program at Pickerington North.
What is your multimedia passion?
Around Eastland-Fairfield
Nail Services Students Reach Program Milestone!
The students in Nail Services at Fairfield Career Center hit a major program milestone by achieving 200 service hours! Now that each student has reached 200 hours, they may begin enrolling for their State Board test to begin the process of becoming a State Licensed Manicurist. Now, our students are working hard studying and practicing for their tests. Along with taking clients, they are extra busy right now!
Medical Office Students School Groveport Police
Pictured: Tina Johnson and officers of the Groveport PD
Pictured: Fatoumata Diallo and Tina Johnson educating an officer of the GPD
Photo credit: Laura Kocher
To open the month of February, two students from the Medical Office program gave back to those who serve our community by guiding members of the Groveport Police Department through a Microsoft Excel workshop. Juniors Fatoumata Diallo (Groveport Madison) and Tina Johnson (Reynoldsburg) welcomed in members of the GPD to guide the attending officers through tutorials and skills training to broaden their computer processing skills. Thank you for sharing your skills and helping those who serve our community!
Start the Day Off Right with Breakfast at EFCTS
It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day to get the mind and body going in the right direction. Eastland and Fairfield Career Centers both offer breakfast meals to its students every morning. The best part? Breakfast is free* for students as a part of the National School Lunch Program! Breakfast is served from 7-8 a.m., daily.

* the free breakfast through the NSLP includes the approved meal, only. Additional or a la cart items may be purchased, separately.
Mobile Hot Spots Available to Students
Internet and Wi-Fi service is not always as accessible for a variety of reasons, and yet its necessary for learning. If you know of a student that needs assistance gaining access to Wi-Fi outside of the school day and may benefit from the use of a mobile hot spot, please contact the student's school counselor for more information on how to obtain one. Supplies are limited.
Adult Plumbing and Facility Maintenance
Programs to Debut in April
If you or someone you know is looking for a career realignment or a way to boost their potential earning power in one of two in-demand fields, Eastland-Fairfield is debuting two new programs this spring for adult learners in the Plumbing and Facilities Maintenance programs.

Get hands-on experience and earn a paycheck while using the job site as your classroom. Complete the program with credentials, certifications, and a head start toward your new career that will propel your future!

For more information:
Call 614-836-4541, ext. 1537

Start date: April 18-19
Financial aid is available!
Click for more information on
Summer Camps Returning!
Middle School Career Exploration Summer Camp is not just about learning about all the different futures available to our children; it's about having FUN too! Our campers will have access to 18 different sessions provided by our staff and students allowing them to try their hand at cooking, welding, car body and engine repair, or exploring the tech world, just to name a few options. Let your child get a glimpse at what it's like to be a police officer, firefighter, cosmetologist, or any of the many different careers that may interest them.

This camp is completely FREE and available to middle school students currently in grades 6-8.
Upcoming Events
Feb. 10: Family Tours
Feb. 17: Parent-Teacher Conferences
Feb. 18: Professional Development Day (no school for students)
Feb. 21: President's Day (no school)
Feb. 24: Family Tours

March 3: Family Tours
March 4: Application Deadline

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