District bi-weekly newsletter | April 14, 2022 | Volume 2, Issue 19
Dr. Kim Miller's Blog
At times, we all have to take a moment to close our eyes and take a deep breath. The busyness of our daily lives, in addition to our involvement in the lives of our loved ones, at times can be taxing. Allow me to be transparent and vulnerable with you for a moment.

I love my job and Eastland-Fairfield, but spring is often the busiest and most involved time of the year in education. I am feeling it, and I know my colleagues, our teachers, staff, and even some of our students are feeling it, too. 
There are many reasons to make this decision

Those that choose to come to Eastland-Fairfield may have different reasons for doing so. Alumna Stephani Adams shares her many reasons she made the decision to become an EFCTS student and why looking back it has turned out to be one of the best decisions of her life. Career readiness, quality education, and making new friends are just a few of the reasons Stephani and many more of our students and alumni look back and can't imagine a path that doesn't include Eastland-Fairfield.
CADfu with "Sensei McGee"
Students in Mr. McGee's architecture class were awarded their white belt to signal the beginning of their CADfu journey.
Practicing the art of creation and collaboration

When we walked into the Architecture/Construction Management (ACM) classroom at Gahanna Jefferson High School's Clark Hall this week, we were greeted with salutations, calming instrumental music, and natural light pouring into the room, all meant to foster the art of creation and collaboration. In this "dojo", Mr. McGee (who played the role of sensei) rang the gong to signal the introduction of CAD (computer-aided design) to his juniors with a kung fu approach. While kung fu is often tied to martial arts, "Sensei McGee" shared that it actually relates to any discipline or skill achieved through hard work and practice. Over the next seven weeks to finish the school year, the students in his class will learn through an online platform called Solid Professor. Each student was handed their white belt to signal the birth of their journey to seek knowledge. After each section (or "chamber" in kung fu) is passed the gong will sound again and a new belt is achieved. Mr. McGee calls this journey ... CADfu!
Juniors in the afternoon section of the ACM program begin to learn the world of CAD through the Solid Profession platform.
"Sensei McGee" works with one of his gakusei (students) on the first chamber of CADfu.
Senior Aubrey is using free time to work on her senior project, a self-designed resort in Aruba!
On the other side of the room senior ACM student, Aubrey, chose to use her free time during a study hall to return to her lab and work on her senior project, designing her own resort in Aruba! Inspired by a family vacation, Aubrey wanted to put her skills to the test to make her ideal vacation spot, fully equipped with pools, tennis courts, luxurious living spaces, dining options, and on-site excursions right off of the beach. With an unlimited budget, she chose the land, created the exterior and interior blueprints, designed the layout, and will present the plan to her mentor for feedback. Aubrey, a Gahanna Lincoln student, says her favorite part of the project has been to design something of her own creation and be in charge of a project. She plans to enroll at Miami University and add to her knowledge with a business degree and pursue a career in interior design.
Senior Aubrey shows us the blueprints of the resort she is designing for her capstone project.
Around Eastland-Fairfield
Eastland Career Center celebrates prom
What a fun time our students at Eastland Career Center had at their annual prom! The Columbus Country Club graciously served as host and the students brought their masks for A Masquerade in Paris. Congratulations to our prom kings, queens, and jesters. We hope everyone had a fantastic time celebrating friendships and a successful year.

Special thank yous go out to all that helped support and organize prom for our students.
Thanks to Mr. Pritchett for being a great sheriff at prom!
Nous avons adoré le bal!
(We loved prom!)
What's better than a table full of friends having a great time?
FCC SkillsUSA Named Chapter of Excellence
Just recently, the SkillsUSA chapter at Fairfield Career Center was accepted into the Chapter Excellence Program (CEP). With its acceptance, it was also awarded Silver Chapter Distinction, which is one of five levels of distinction in the program. They are now one of only four chapters in Ohio to receive the honor. They will officially be recognized at the SkillsUSA state conference in May.

Congratulations to all the students and staff of SkillsUSA at FCC. Your hard work is being noticed and paying off!
The Psychology of our Taste Buds
Have you ever wondered if you can alter the way you taste things? Or better yet, do you think you can alter the way things appear to taste to you? Oh, you can. Our students at Fairfield Career Center in Mrs. Van Horn's social studies class studied the psychology of sensation and perception through the use of special tablets that can change how our taste receptors react to what we eat or drink. Students used a tablet called Miracle Fruit to switch our sour receptors to sweet, thus altering how we taste certain objects.
Explore a New Beginning at Adult Information Night
If you or someone you know is seeking a new opportunity or looking to better themselves and their future, the Eastland-Fairfield Adult Workforce Development programs will be having a public information session on Thursday, April 28, 2022, at Eastland Career Center. Ask questions. Explore the labs. Talk with staff about the career opportunities, enrollment process, and financial aid offerings.

Thursday, April 28, 2022
Eastland Career Center
6:30 p.m.
Upcoming Events
April 19: General Parent Information Night
April 23: FCCLA State competition
April 23-26: DECA National Conference

May 3-4: SkillsUSA State Competition
May 4-8: BPA National Conference
May 5: New Student Celebration (new FCC/ECC students)
18: Senior Recognition (Fairfield Career Center)
May 19: Senior Recognition (Eastland Career Center)
May 19: Senior Recognition, Satellites (Eastland Career Center)
May 24: Last day of classes

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