November 30, 2020
Eastmoor Members, we hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday.

As tumultuous 2020 comes to a close, we’re thankful for the ability to spend some shared time together in the summer sun at Eastmoor!

In the off-season, the Board is working to make sure we’re prepared for whatever the Summer of 2021 may bring. To that end, we have three updates to share with you in this member communication:

  1. 2021 Dues Increase
  2. Dues Deadline: All Member Vote Needed
  3. Off-Season Pool Project
As mentioned in our January 2020 newsletter, the city of Denver voted on, and is implementing a three-year minimum wage increase. This increase necessitates a corresponding Eastmoor Annual Dues increase as staff wages are the largest part of our operating budget. In 2021 (year two of the Denver minimum wage increase), the minimum wage increases 15% – from $12.85 per hour to $14.77 per hour. Thus for 2021, the Eastmoor dues will be $1,025, $80 more than 2020 dues.

The Board would like to amend the By-Laws so Statements of Annual Dues shall be rendered on or about February 1 of each year and shall be payable in full by March 1 of each year. Currently, dues are payable in full by April 1 of each year. 

All changes to the By-Laws require a full member vote. Each adult member is allowed one vote, submitted no later than Monday, December 14, 2020, or two weeks from today. For full rationale as to why the Board proposes this amendment, and to vote electronically, click here.

Club Manager Kent Dertinger has engaged Colorado Pool Designs to develop a repair/replacement plan for the pool that will fix the leaks and bring systems up to 2020 code. For the last several years, we’ve been using band-aid solutions to fix what’s broken, but our pool is past its prime–most elements are original to the ‘70s. It’s time to bring it up to code and into this century so our pool can live up to our post-tension tennis courts and new clubhouse. Stay tuned for more updates.

If you have any questions, please email becca Winslow at

On behalf of the Eastmoor Board, happy holidays!



Head Pro: Ken Tronco