Mid-September, 2020
Eastview Elementary School Times
The leaves are beginning to change color, and
it feels SO good to be back in school!

Dear Eastview Family and Friends,

Our year has gotten off to a wonderful start! We are so proud of the students as they have adapted willingly and well to a necessarily different school environment. They inspire all of us!

You may have noticed this year's Jungle theme, as we "Swing Back into School!" That theme will be incorporated into our Eastview community celebrations, and woven into fun Spirit activities for students and staff throughout the year.

As part of our Character Education curriculum, each month we will be focusing on a designated character trait, and incorporating that trait into our daily instruction and routines with students. Students will receive Eagle Earnings currency when displaying positive character choices. They will be able to save those Eagle bucks and redeem them for their choice of rewards, including such things as lunch with a favorite staff member, extra recess time, or choosing a song to play during work time!

In addition, each classroom will be nominating a monthly “Leader of the Pack,” a student from their classroom whom they feel consistently demonstrates the Character Trait of the Month. Those students will receive a special certificate, and their picture will be featured on our Leader of the Pack bulletin board!

Our monthly traits for this year are:

September: Healthy Habits
October: Responsibility
November: Respect
December: Work Ethic
January:  Problem Solving
February: Empathy
March: Positive Mindset
April: Friendship
May: Leadership

We are confident that our Eastview community of students and staff will continue to be strong, resilient and flexible, and we are all looking forward to a fun and successful year ahead!

Mrs. Erin Zigler

We are pleased to welcome some new faces to Eastview this year!
Don't forget about the Daily At-Home Health Check!

Please complete it daily prior to sending your student to school. It is vital to ask the questions on the checklist each and every day to prevent the possibility of exposing other students or staff. This checklist is to be filled out at home daily, on the honor system. It is not required to be handed into the school. 

If you answer yes to any of the questions on the checklist:
- Keep your student home. 
- Let the school office know the questions which were answered yes.
- Follow the appropriate guidelines for when to return to school.

Thank you!
Principal: Mrs. Erin Zigler erin.zigler@badger.k12.wi.us
Secretary: Mrs. Cheri Grelyak cheri.grelyak@badger.k12.wi.us
Health Aide: Mrs. Kathleen Bedore kathleen.bedore@badger.k12.wi.us
Eastview Facebook Page: Like and Follow facebook.com/EastviewEagles

Chromebook Procedures for Students

All of our students will be assigned a Chromebook this year. Students will be taking their Chromebooks home at the end of each school day and will return it the following school day. 

Please plan for an appropriately sized backpack to accommodate the Chromebook. Chargers will remain at home. Students will be required to charge the Chromebook each night prior to bringing it to school the next day. 

Additionally, we ask for your help and support in speaking with your child about how to care for their Chromebook. 
Please refer to the following Chromebook Care information:
  • When unplugging, do so gently.
  • Carry the Chromebook closed and with two-hands.
  • Keep water bottle on the floor to avoid water damage; in your backpack, keep your water bottle in a safe spot away from your Chromebook.
  • When not using the Chromebook, close it to save the battery.

Please add Eastview's phone number to your phone's contacts list, so you will know it is your child's school calling. Thank you!

  • 8:20 Supervision starts, and students may arrive at school and proceed to their classrooms
  • 8:20-8:35 Breakfast is available
  • 8:35 Instruction begins, both in-person and virtually
  • 3:35 Pick ups and walkers are dismissed
  • 3:40 Bus students are dismissed
For the safety of our students, please ALWAYS observe the following:

  • Do NOT use the bus lane. The crosswalk is used all day long, and students need to be able to cross safely.
  • Please do NOT park in the "No Parking" zones by the islands, as this creates traffic flow issues.
  • If using Sage Street for drop off or pick up, please park your car and meet your students at the top of the hill.
End of the Day Transportation!!

End of the day bus and pick-up changes must be made
no later than 2:00 PM.

While we make every effort to notify teachers of changes, it is most effective if a note is sent with your child in their Agenda.

Parent Reminder: Visitor’s Access to Campus will be Limited

In an effort to protect the health and safety of our community, only essential visitors will be allowed on school campuses to minimize the number of people on-site. Parents picking up/dropping off are encouraged to use pickup/drop off zones. No outside guests will be allowed to visit classrooms or cafeterias. All efforts will be made to keep necessary visitors to a minimum. If a parent needs to deliver an essential item to their student during the school day, please call the school office prior to arriving to make the necessary arrangements. 

Most meetings with families will take place virtually unless an in-person meeting is necessary. Parents meeting on-site with school staff must follow social-distancing guidelines and must wear face coverings.

Lake Geneva Schools will not allow food delivery and/or parents dropping off take out food for students for the 2020-2021 school year. Please plan on sending a packed lunch with your student in the morning or purchasing school-provided lunches. 

Notes from your School Librarian...
  • Please take good care of your books! 
  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer BEFORE reading. 
  • Never eat or drink anything while reading your book.

For the month of September, we will check out two books
that will be due back in one week.
Books will be quarantined, per District guidelines,
for three days once returned.

If you have any specific questions, please email your librarian: maryjo.fesenmaier@badger.k12.wi.us

School Photos will be taken on Thursday, September 10!
Please click on the link below for information
and to order in advance.
Band & Orchestra Information
The Lake Geneva Schools have decided to wait until the second quarter to start our 5th Grade Band Students and 4th/5th Grade Orchestra, the week of November 2. We will be sending out a mass email once we have more info regarding a Rental Night, the exact daily schedule, testing instruments, etc. as we get closer to that date. Elementary Instrumental Music (band and orchestra) takes place before the elementary school day at Lake Geneva Middle School. 
Students can take the middle school bus or families may drop students off at LGMS. Please contact Dousman at (262) 248-3289 if you have questions on how to take the middle school bus route to LGMS. Class runs from at 7:25 am - 8:10 am and then students board a shuttle bus that takes them to Star Center or Eastview for the start of the elementary school day.
If you are a NEW Band or Orchestra student and did not already get a chance to fill out the Google Form please do so now:
(If you enrolled last spring or over the summer I still have your enrollment information)
(If you enrolled last spring or over the summer I still have your enrollment information)
If you were in 4th Grade Orchestra last year, Mrs. Klement is assuming you are continuing with Orchestra this year. Watch for more information! 
We are looking forward to working with you soon - selecting an instrument and beginning instruction.  

Amanda Krause - Band
348-3000 ext 3327

Lauren Klement - Orchestra
348-3000 ext 3325
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