How to Build an At-Home Retreat
Did you know you are allowed to take time out from life? That's right! Leaving all your worries behind (at least momentarily) and escaping to your own happy place is not only okay but beneficial to your overall well-being. A break from the endless to-do lists and responsibilities can help you recharge, reflect, and become more tuned in with yourself and your needs. Whether it is reading, working out, or dancing in your living room, creating some "me time" can be just what you need to refocus on your recovery.
Stress happens when you are "here" but want to be "there." While working towards the future is great, worrying about it too much and not living in the moment can bring added pressure and anxiety, which are detrimental to your recovery. Remember, life is not a race or a competition. You do not have to be the first or the best. All you have to be is true to yourself. So set yourself free from those self-inflicted expectations and start embracing moving at your own pace.
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