Looking for Online Missionaries
Dear Friends, 

Community of Grace has an exciting new way to reach out to our community, connect and start conversations with our unchurched friends - and you can easily play a part. In fact, you are important to our success - and it doesn’t involve any extra time, awkward conversations or even donations - it’s as easy as posting to Facebook. 

In fact, that is all that is involved: Posting and sharing on Facebook! 

We’ve recently implemented Outreach Social, which automatically posts beautiful, inspirational graphics on our Facebook page every day -  COG Facebook page . Some are Bible verses, inspirational sayings and quotes, as well as conversation starters. All we need you to do is like, comment and share them with your friends. That’s it - see I told you it was easy! 

Of course, if any of your friends ever ask why you are sharing these graphics, tell them about your faith, or our church, and invite them to come with you to our online service and LifeGroups! 

So here are your next steps: 
  • Follow us on Facebook (COG Facebook page)
  • Like and comment on our daily graphics to build our engagement
  • When you see posts you like, share them with your friends

Oh and one more thing, if you take pictures at church events, please post them on the church’s Facebook page. This will help show people how great our church family is! 

Thanks! I look forward to meeting your friends on Facebook! 

Pastor Joel