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Teacher Grants from the American Farm Bureau Foundation (AFBF) These grants give teachers and home school educators, a chance to receive $100 to use in the AFBF resource store for books, educator guides, ag mags, and more. Applications are short, easy peasy lemon squeezy, and open until June 30th
New Mexico Ag in the Classroom has been working hard this spring semester with NM farmers and ranchers to create an online resource that showcases what agriculture looks like around the state, in a year's scope - New Mexico Ag 24seven!

These educational videos will range from just over a minute to 15 minutes in length (depending on the content), but they'll be perfect to play for in-class usage for connecting to lessons on agriculture, good for interest writing prompts about the importance of hard work, dedication, problem-solving, etc., and simply showing students what farmers and ranchers do in order to get food on our tables, among other products.
Russell Johnson - Rancher, Columbus, NM
Seth Wagner - Farmer, Los Ranchos, NM
You have never been to a conference quite like the National Agriculture in the Classroom Conference! It offers excellent K-12 educator workshops designed to help your students be more engaged with hands-on STEM and project-based learning! Check out the AGENDA! (Click on each session for an in-depth description!)
2 New Mexico Teachers Awarded!
Teachers from around the U.S. have been selected to receive scholarships from the CHS Foundation to attend the 2021 National Ag in the Classroom Conference In Des Moines, Iowa on June 28-July 1! Two outstanding teacher from New Mexico will be attending the conference thanks to CHS! Annette Joyner that teaches at Mountain View Middle School in Alamogordo and Mary Lucero that teaches at Ft. Sumner Schools will be able to attend this outstanding conference. Join them at the conference virtually for only $50!
Dairy Time! Did You Know...
National Dairy month is JUNE! It's time to take a look at some of our favorite recipes, and those that are super easy to make at home, as well as taking a virtual "field trip" with NMSU to a few dairies on the eastern side of NM.

DYK: NM is 3rd in the nation for milk production, per
individual cow: 25,113 lb!

On hot summer days,
make a treat, oh so sweet!

DYK: NM is 4th in the
Nation for Cheese Production!

Deveri Mathews (Mathews Dairy) teaches us how to make homemade Farmer's Cheese!

DYK: NM is 9th in the
Nation for Milk Production!

Take a FIELD TRIP with
Thanks to NMSU's Learning Games Lab, we're able to learn more about CHEMICALS.... you know, like the ones we're made of, too!
"Plants and animals are mostly composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. These chemicals – and how they are put together – underlie everything around us. That’s why chemistry is such a valuable tool for agricultural, environmental, and food scientists. When growing plants and animals, you’re working with chemistry and chemical bonds."
Dairy - Delicious, Nutritious, and A Way Of Life for the ...

It's dairy for breakfast, dairy for lunch, and dairy for dinner. Although we're familiar with the 9 essential nutrients (Calcium, Protein, Vitamin A/D/B12, Niacin, Riboflavin, Potassium & Phosphorus), there's so much more that milk has to offer...

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