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You the push to eat bugs_
Why they're bugging you to start eating bugs
From cricket nachos to termite meat loaf, the push is on to dare shoppers to eat a bug to save the planet, all part of a larger effort by some groups to get Americans to cut back on using animals for food. Will we all really be eating insects in 50 years? 
Cage-free unprofitability
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Justice is unprofitable? Not our problem, shoppers say
Here's another painful lesson for the food chain. Food producers and retailers rushing to turn political virtue-signalling into a marketable product trait may get stuck paying the costs when consumers see the bill. Here's what one researcher has just found.
Why the high rate of farm injuries_
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Why do farmers get hurt so often?
Despite some improvements in the last decade, farming still remains one of the nation's most dangerous jobs. Our popular "Why Do Farmers Do That?" series takes on the question: Why do farmers injure themselves so regularly? The question's not as simple as it may seem.
How to help pack a better lunch
Is that healthy school lunch built on fitness, or fashion?
Just in time for return to school, numerous helpful groups are stepping up to advise parents on how to pack a healthier school lunch. But how do those recommendations stack up? Farmer Goes to Market divides the commodity choices between food fitness and food fashion. 
Farmily farming in Nebraska
Generational farming
Family farms are a large part of Nebraska's economy, and they play a vital role in small communities. Take a glimpse into the farming world through the Regan family, still going strong after almost 90 years.   
Want some rodeo action_ Try barrel racing
As county fair and rodeo season gets into full swing across Nebraska, all the glory goes to the bull riders. But if you want real breathtaking equine action, come early for the barrel racing.
Respect for the holiday's meaning is a year-round job
Kathy_s Commentary
The upcoming total eclipse is putting everyone into a celebratory mood. We plan to celebrate the event by moving to the parking lot to watch the eclipse as it happens. A cautionary note to everyone: Make sure you stay safe and understand how to view the eclipse.  Looking directly at the sun without protection, even for a few seconds, can permanently damage your sight. As in all things - know how to safely participate before you jump in!! 
Speaking of safety, I would like to specifically direct our readers to the article in the Competitive Commodity Segment of this edition. The rhetoric around antibiotic-free foods is just that. Absent politics, there is little to no risk in using antibiotics in food production. We support science based studies, which indicate no basis to believe that organic is healthier food. Organic is simply a process of how food is grown. The quality and safety of organic food is no different from foods not labeled organic. Both standard growing practices and organic growing practices will provide you with a safe, healthy product.
- Kathy Siefken, Executive Director

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