Eblast Campaigns Bundles
Discounted to Celebrate our
10th Year Anniversary
eBlast Campaigns Discounted Bundle – Save BIG this year!
Yes, it is time again to sign up for your eCampaigns and get them send out to the community members that need to know. Let this community know that you have new music released and you have submitted your new music for consideration this year.
Yes, we are here to help you to spread the word to the community.
Of course, depending on your budget for eCampaigning the most economical method is to sign up for our discounted Bundle of 6 individual eBlast Campaigns.
What is included:
Your eCampaign is custom made to compliment the branding of your music, your image and music.
Our eCampaigns are no cookie cutters the eBlast Campaign is made only for you.
You will always receive a draft copy for your approval before your eCampaign is scheduled to members.

Total imprints 7+k.
What does this all mean? Each artist's eBlast Campaign design is closely matched to their brand, colors, image and info. We work closely with the artist and or management team to accomplish this task. You will receive an opening rate report after 72 hours and we apply and follow all the updated rules and guidelines needed.
Here are the links to Bongo Boy discounted bundles this year ready for the eBlast Campaign Season.

eBlast Campaign Bundle (5) $450.00 Sign Up Here

eBlast Campaign Bundle (6) $525.00 Sign Up Here

eBlast Campaign bundle (2) $285.00 Sign Up Here

eBlast Campaign Bundle (3) $355.00 Sign Up Here

When you made your selection which bundle fits your need; you will be prompted to make the payment via PayPal's secure site. However, if you like to use your credit card instead you can do so after you complete the online form and close out the PayPal browser window dail 908-455-1576 which connect you to our office where we can take your credit card over the phone (ask for Monique Grimme).

Please note: Based on experience in the previous years; we have delivered positive results with repeated eCampaigns. Repeated ones of at least 3 or 6 eCampaigns during the next weeks to come.
The end of this campaign season is October 12th 2020. Don't Wait!!

Our opening rate is between 25% - 37% (which is particularly good for the industry we are in). It means that our econtacts want to know about your new music for consideration.
It took us years to collect these contacts and they are updated each season to the best results for you.
The benefits of starting NOW with your eblast campaigns:
1)    Let everyone know you have submitted this year!
2)    Spread out the multiple campaigns over time till mid-October!
3)    Get on member’s radar early!
I hope this information is helpful and answers all your questions.
Any questions email me at bongoboyrecords@aol.com directly or call me during office hours 908-455-1576. We are located on the East Coast and have delivered many eBlast Campaigns many with very positive results. See our special webpage click here