Eblast for May 11, 2020
Miami Palmetto Senior High School PTSA
May 21: General (Virtual) PTSA Meeting, 7PM
Yearbook & Senior Items Distribution Plan TBA
Other End-of-Year Events TBA
May 25: Memorial Day
May 26: Underclass Awards Night, Time TBA
May 28: Senior Awards Night, Time TBA
June 3: Last Day of School

* Schools will remain closed for the remainder of this school year. Distance learning will continue. Graduation protocols for seniors will be announced soon.

Click here for updated information about Miami-Dade County Public School closures and other important COVID-19 updates
Letter from our PTSA President:
Greetings Panther Family,
It’s hard to believe that it’s been 52 days since our students were physically in school together and life was normal. With only 17 more days left in our “virtual” school year, and so much still unknown, I thought it was a good time to check in with everyone.
Many of you have reached out to me, your teachers, your school counselors and administration with questions and concerns and I know it is frustrating that so many answers are still unknown. I do want to assure you all that as soon as we have any information, we will put it out through our emails as well as our Facebook and Instagram posts. Please subscribe, follow, and read what we send as we are working very hard to keep you informed and connected!
There have been a lot of questions and concerns about how Palmetto is honoring our Seniors and a lot of comparisons to what other schools, especially the private schools and smaller public schools, are doing for their Seniors. It is heartbreaking for the class of 2020 that they have missed so many events and important milestones in their lives! Our Palmetto administration, activities, and PTSA have been working very hard on coming up with ideas and planning ways to honor our Seniors. We have faced challenges just because we have such a large Senior class (650+) who live all over Miami and we want to celebrate ALL of them!
We don’t have all the specific details and we have not finalized the dates yet, but we DO have something very special planned that will celebrate ALL of our Seniors. We will let you all know as soon as dates have been finalized so keep reading our weekly newsletter and posts.
Our AP teachers have been working hard to get our students ready to take their exams in a way that is completely new to everyone. Our student group, Tutoring For Tomorrow, has offered free webinars for our students to prepare for specific exams as well. College Board has also offered free lectures for each AP subject and has been sending information emails out. Even with all this preparing, there may be glitches during the exams that start this week. We wish all of our students the best and remind everyone to be patient with each other and themselves and know that if problems come up, College Board has a plan to address those (please visit their website for detailed information).
Mr. Nerenberg and our Student Services counselors have also been available and are there for our students who have questions about next year, college, testing, etc. However, please remember that many of the questions don’t have answers yet.
Our teachers and administrators have also been amazing in trying to make sure our students remain engaged in learning- even from a distance. We honored them as best we could this past week during National Teacher Appreciation Week. And will do something special for them all at the beginning of the year.
I know things haven’t been perfect. I know that you may not have received an answer to your question or a response to an email. I know that you and your students are disappointed that this year has turned out the way it has and that we still face uncertainty about next year. But I also know that we are in this together and that everyone wants the best for each other and especially for our students. I ask that we all remain patient with each other and ourselves, remembering that our students may forget to log in one day, or turn in an assignment, a teacher might miss seeing an email, an administrator might not have an answer yet, and you may not see all the hard work going on behind the scenes but we are all committed to the same goal of giving our students the best. We are in this together and we are Panther Strong!
AP Exam Schedule (Exams Start Next Week):
Good luck to all Panthers taking AP exams! Thank you for preparing us, Panther teachers!
New Language AP Info:
There's new information available to help students get ready for this year's AP® Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish Language and Culture exams:

We Love our Panther Seniors!
If you would like to donate to help us celebrate our Seniors, please use this link .
The Panther Newspaper 2019-20 Issue 6 Now Available!
The Panther Newspaper 2019-2020 Issue 6: Panthers in a Pandemic can be read here 
Attendance Reminder:
Students MUST login to their portal on a computer/laptop (not a phone app!) during each distance learning day, and also LOG OFF the portal by 9 PM in order to be counted for attendance.
Change in Food Distribution Schedule:
Beginning the week of April 20, M-DCPS will distribute food  twice  a week. Multiple meals will be handed out at school sites on Tuesdays and Fridays from 4 p.m. – 7 p.m.
For more info including distribution locations  click here
Graduation Information From Dr. Feldman:
Good morning, District 9 Community.
We hope this message finds you well and healthy. Dr. Feldman would like to share updates on graduation ceremonies and special senior recognition. Please feel free to share this with your communities to help make this a memorable moment for our seniors who are most deserving of it.
Students and their families, M-DCPS employees, community and media partners, and the public- at-large are encouraged to support the campaign and the culminating day by using social media, putting together their own recognition opportunities, airing the M-DCPS Senior Recognition public service announcement, and featuring Class of 2020 graduates in news stories on air, online, and in print publications.
To assist in this effort, the District will highlight seniors for the next five weeks, following the schedule below:
•          Week of April 27 – May 1: College and athletic scholarships recipients
•          Week of May 4 – 8: Military and first-generation grads or other outstanding achievements, including exemplary community service
•          Week of May 11 – 15: Top 10 percent of graduates and Silver Knight award nominees
•          Monday, May 18 & Tuesday, May 19 – Recognition of all seniors
•          Wednesday, May 20 – Community-wide Senior Recognition Day
On May 20, schools will be encouraged to post “Class of 2020” photos and students will be asked to share videos of special memories on social media platforms using the following hashtags:
•          #MDCPSGrad
•          #Classof2020
•          #MeetMDCPSGrads
•          #SeniorSpotlight #District9 #D9Rocks
The community is also invited to express congratulations via social media utilizing these hashtags to collectively acknowledge the accomplishments of the Class of 2020.
For the most up-to-date information, please download the Dadeschools mobile app to your iPhone or Android device. Follow us on Twitter @mdcps and @miamisup, on Instagram @miamischools and @miamisup, and on Facebook at MiamiSchools and AlbertoCarvalho & Follow District 9 on Twitter @Larry_Feldman, on Instagram @lfeldmand9, and on Facebook Larry Feldman.
Register to Vote 2020 & Vote by Mail:

REGISTER TO VOTE!!!! (and if you have an 18-year old please help them if they need it!)
Register to Vote Florida:  https://registertovoteflorida.gov/home
Need to Contact Palmetto High?
The following is copied fr om this web site

Administrative Contacts
April 16, 2020
Administrative Office Hours 
Mon-Fri 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM

  • Victoria Dobbs Principal - (786) 519-1084 VDobbs@dadeschools.net
  • Daniel Barreras  Assistant Principal - (786) 509-9111 dbarreras@dadeschools.net
  • Karina Cahill  Assistant Principal - (786) 471-7171 kcahill@dadeschools.net
  • Vivian Del Valle Assistant Principal - (786) 505-2611 vdelvalle@dadeschools.net
  • Tierney Hunter Assistant Principal - (786) 530-5490 TierneyHunter@dadeschools.net
  • Jesus Tellechea Assistant Principal - (786) 530-5585 jtellechea@dadeschools.net
Attention Seniors:
Please complete your exit survey ASAP. Click here for survey .

Questions? Contact Mr Nerenberg:  Hnerenberg@dadeschools.net
UP-START Program Info (for students currently experiencing unstable housing):
Hello Families,
With so many families in our community facing difficult times due to the coronavirus outbreak, unstable housing has become more commonplace and this is a top concern and priority for Miami-Dade County Public Schools.
Did you know that Project UP-START is a program that provides additional support services to any student who is currently experiencing unstable housing? This includes students who are sharing the housing of family or friends out of hardship, students living in temporary shelters, public places, or in a hotel/motel.
If you have school-aged children living in any unstable housing situation or know a family with M-DCPS students in this situation, please visit Project UP-START’s website at http://projectupstart.dadeschools.net for information about the program and services. Students who qualify will be registered into Project UP-START and will be eligible to receive additional support services to improve their attendance and achieve academic success. Take care of yourself and be safe.

Saludos familias,
Debido a que tantas familias en nuestra comunidad enfrentan tiempos difíciles debido al brote del coronavirus, la vivienda inestable se ha vuelto más común y esta es una de las inquietudes y prioridades principales para las Escuelas Públicas del Condado Miami-Dade.
¿Sabía usted que el Proyecto UP-START es un programa que proporciona servicios de apoyo adicional a cualquier estudiante que actualmente esté experimentando una vivienda inestable? Esto incluye a los estudiantes que comparten la vivienda con familiares o amigos por causa de dificultades, estudiantes que viven en refugios temporales, lugares públicos o en un hotel / motel.
Si usted tiene niños de edad escolar que viven en una situación de vivienda inestable o conoce a una familia con estudiantes de las Escuelas Públicas del Condado Miami-Dade que se encuentran en esta situación, por favor, visite el sitio web del Proyecto UP-START en http://projectupstart.dadeschools.net para obtener información sobre el programa y sus servicios. Los estudiantes que califiquen serán inscritos en el Proyecto UP-START y serán elegibles para recibir servicios de apoyo adicional para mejorar su asistencia escolar y lograr el éxito académico. Cuídense y manténganse a salvo.
FREE Tutoring Through HOPE Tutoring and MDCPS:
For more information about this program click here
Activities Office News:
Message from Mr. Nerenberg:

I can answer any questions about college applications for next year or if any one has an issue with admissions for next year - I am available via email. If they need to talk I will be available on an as needed basis. I am still in contact with the colleges more than ever. Stay in contact on Edmodo (codes below), and on Facebook under Scholarships for Parents at Palmetto. 
Stay well.. 
warmest regards, 
Harry Nerenberg College Counselor
Miami Palmetto Senior High

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