March 2017

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To Reupholster...or Not? 
Tis the season..spring that is and as we spring forward sunlight filters in exposing the wear and style fatigue of pieces that may need to face their future. 

While cost is the first question asked when considering whether to reupholster a piece or not I tell clients there is soo much more involved. 
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Let's factor in whether this is an heirloom, does it hold sentimental value and if so, will it be handed down to the next generation? Does it fit perfectly into the room size or space?  
Is it structurally sound, possibly a very expensive piece purchased years ago  but showing signs of wear or dated fabric? 
Do you love it, just plain love it, bought it in some amazing place or at a memorable time in your life? Taking into consideration one or more of the above reasons to yes to reupholstering let's get down to the facts, just the facts ma'am/sir.

It is not an inexpensive venture. Let's take an average wing back chair. It will require 8 yd. of 54" fabric which can range from $45.. $100..$$$..using $65 as my cost per yard we have $520.00 in fabric cost. Next is the labor costs to strip the item, repair any structural items and recover  the item which averages a minimum of $700.00. Last is any batting, cushions or trim. I will use an average figure of $150.00 so the estimated cost for this item in $1,370.00.

Let's talk about a new chair, considering you can find one that fits your size or criteria or as I hear so many times, as comfortable.  
An average, mid range "catalog" chair starts at $900.00 and up. Chairs purchased from furniture stores usually start at $1,200.00 with both upholstered in starter fabrics and an increase in $ when fabric options are available. Custom chairs from one of my favorite manufacturers Paul Robert Furniture start at $1,800.00 and allow you to select the fabric, wood color, nail head and trim. So, as you can see cost is just a small portion of the decision making. I will tell you the transformation is amazing and small items such as chair seats, pillows and sometimes just new cushion covers make the world of difference to rid the room of being yawnsome.  

I love helping you make good decisions and spend your money wisely. Please feel free to call or stop in and we can discuss your upholstery project.  

Designing your world,  

       Creative Talents Abound!

Presh is the latest addition to our unique, hand crafted jewelry selection. Of Italian heritage, pieces of Italian leather are embellished with a variety of beads and gems in single or multiple strands for women and men to create a look all their own. The collection includes earrings and necklaces featuring the softest leathers and unique stones. Just introduced is a new line of chokers coming soon to Eccentricity.
Note Worthy News  
  What's in your Easter Basket???

Think unique...Chocolate Stilettos and Easter Eggs in yummy flavors made from scratch from Philadelphia Candy, Illume bath products & candles and Leaf cigars. All available at Eccentricity for you to create or you can order your specialty basket to be picked up ready to fuss, no mess.  

Cool Shades for Sun Bunnies on the horizon

Look for the eclectic, retro, eco-processed, bamboo, recycled plastic and metal and soo much more with the spring collection of sunglasses from our friends in L.A. So many of you enjoyed the 2016 collection, be assured you will love the new looks for 2017. Yes, the stylish collection of readers will be heading this way.

Just a note, this company has donated 300,000 pair of glasses to help visually impaired worldwide, another reason Eccentricity is proud to carry their product.


Spring Fashions
Featuring Clara Sunwoo & Tara Vao

Yes, my garden is blooming spring fashions of new styles, great patterns & fabrics. Can't wait for them to arrive, orders are being taken for delivery within 2 weeks. Check out the online catalog link and think looking soo fine for upcoming vacations, picnics and more. Clara Sunwoo spring 2017 
Just contact me to place your order and receive 10% off and free shipping. BTW, the following items and more are already on their way.

Truly excited over this product! Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Dinnerware that after disposal Bamboozle naturally returns to the earth within 20 years.
Enjoy the variety of place setting styles that can be used indoor and outdoor. Set your table apart from others with colorful and purposeful servers. Perfectly suited for today's environmentally conscience individuals.
Stop and shop or  visit our online store. 
Interiors...Let's Decorate~

Welcoming Lexington 

Eccentricity is forever looking for companies that are just the right fit to add to the family of furnishings that meets the criteria of quality, diversity and customer service. I am pleased to include Lexington in the fine furnishings offered. Included in the Lexington line is Sligh, Tommy Bahama & Tommy Bahama. I've included the link to the site, get a beverage of choice and enjoy then let's talk about how one or more of the pieces will make new of your home or office. You will love Lexington & Friends, check it out here! 

Your Opinion Matters

It is always nice to hear from you, what we are doing right, if there is something we need to change or add to the services or products to make Eccentricity Designs the best it can be.

Sooo, send a text, email, helps me define goals to keep you as the valued customer coming back and telling your friends (20 that is).

Thank you soo for your time.

1.You Say It's Your Birthday!
Just a reminder to let Eccentricity help you make it good day. Stop by during your birthday week for a free gift. Don't forget to fill out an entry blank for our monthly drawing, you have nothing to loose.

Looking forward to seeing you, please tell friends or better yet bring them along!

2. DON'T FORGET OUR PET FOOD DRIVE - Recognizing furamily members who aren't as fortunate. Donations are really needed for all pet items/food at this time and are accepted through out the year!
Please help, the donations are divided between local food banks and Meals on Wheels. Make a donation and receive a $5.00 gift certificate. Thank you from the bottom of their paws!

Congratulations Mary Grace Yuchum,
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1. The Carnegie Crawl - The long winter has everyone asking about the Carnegie Crawl. Be just a little more patient, the first one is May 12 from 5-9 p.m. and will continue the second Friday of each month through October. It's a great time with shops and restaurants creating a warm welcome for you to enjoy. Save the dates and bring 10 friends!