Thursday, May 13, 2021
Pastor Post
Pastor Chris

Beloved Church Family,

This past Sunday, we announced in our worship services that beginning this summer, I will be appointed as pastor to Asbury United Methodist Church in Denton, TX. The past two weeks have been full of all the emotions for me and my family. We are excited and incredibly sad at the same time. We are anxious, yet confident that we are in God’s care. We would have been content to stay at First McKinney forever, but we are also looking forward to our new adventure.

I moved to McKinney in 2002. My first day on the job was May 15, so in two days I will celebrate 19 years of ministry at First United Methodist, McKinney. To put that in perspective, none of the youth in this year’s senior class were even born when I moved here. While I have been at this church, Amy and I got engaged and married, and we welcomed Sophia and Lily into the world. I turned both 30 and 40 while I was here, and I was closing in fast on the next decade marker. This church has been a part of almost every aspect of my adult life, and I cannot overstate how important you are to me and my family. You have continually loved us, supported us, encouraged us, and strengthened us. You have put up with my shenanigans and allowed me to speak the Good News about Jesus Christ to youth, children, and adults. I hope you hear and feel the love and affection that Amy, Sophia, Lily, and I have for you all.

Asbury United Methodist is on the north side of Denton, just inside the Loop. They moved out there 20 years ago to plant themselves in the middle of Denton’s growing edge. While they did not see the initial growth out there that they expected, the past few years have seen the northward expansion reinvigorated. There are housing developments being built all around them, and the new Denton High School is being constructed nearby. This church is positioned to reach people in the surrounding area with the staggering news of God’s love for humanity. Like many churches in the world today, they are wondering what life together looks like post-COVID, so we will walk that journey together.

New appointments take effect on July 1, so we still have some time together. We would love for you to pray for us as we make this transition, and we will keep praying for you. We are going to move to Denton, so please pray that we can navigate the sell a house/buy a house process in this wacky real estate market. Pray for Sophia and Lily who will be starting a new school (and if you know my kids, you might say a prayer for the new school too). We love you, people of First United Methodist Church. You have blessed us beyond measure, and we will all miss you.

Pastor Chris

P.S. We need boats and boat drivers for Camp Anakainoo this summer. So, if you’ve read this far, and you have a boat, consider coming to Lake Texoma on either June 29th or 30th (or both) and pulling youth on inner tubes around the lake. It’s a blast, and we can even find you a place to sleep and feed you some meals if you come!

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