Echoes of T H A N K S from Africa
Please hear " T H A N K Y O U" over and over again from Reach Out's leaders in Africa!
Weeks ago, we learned of drought and locusts in Kenya and then floods sweep away homes and crops while families navigate efforts to minimize the spread of Covid-19. Due to these devastating conditions, we have delayed our training in certain locations. Instead we diverted some of these funds to help as many of our leaders as possible who are in the most desperate of circumstances. You will be moved by their heart-rending "Thank You's."

"This is to sincerely thank you for the unique gift you gave to us. You will be amazed at the gratitude our Kenyan leaders showed when they received the precious gift from Reach Out. It depicts how dire and wanting their situations were."

-Mark Juma--Reach Out's Kenya Leader
Flooding in Homa Bay, Kenya
" THANK YOU , dear ones from Reach Out Youth Solutions, for your sacrificial help. I had orphans in my home with no food in my kitchen. Then another problem came. My church members had been left homeless by the floods. They had nothing but their lives. So when I received your gift from Pastor Charles, I knelt to praise and worship the living God of heaven who had remembered me in my time of need. You have blessed me by helping 38 people get food."

-Bishop Enoch and Rosemary Amboka
"My sincere thanks goes to our Reach Out leadership for your great assistance in these difficult times. I'm overwhelmed with your love to me and my family. I have been separated from my family for weeks. I'm in Nairobi and my family is upcountry. It has been tough especially when I have had no ability to provide for them. I was in tears when I received the funds, a big answer to prayer, from you. May our good God continue blessing you abundantly."

-Pastor Christopher Ochieng
"This miracle came at a time when I was completely empty. I had nothing to eat. My husband has been sick, and my mother died from Covid-19 last month. My firewood business is not operating. I cried with joy when I received the money. I know God sent you to help me. I lack the right words to thank you properly. May God bless you abundantly for thinking about people like me who are desperate right now."

-Betty Kafedha Mweni
Thank you for helping us love our leaders in Kenya well! Through your prayers and gifts given in these challenging circumstances, together we have been able to share with the Lord's people in need . . . (Romans 12:13).
Jesus is Lord,