Eclipse Season - Whispers From Life
Dear Friends, we hope you are well and enjoying Summer!  
The theme of this newsletter is 'Whispers From Life".  With three (yes 3!) eclipses this Summer, we imagine that many of you are receiving whispers from life.  
What are the Whispers you are receiving at this time? In what corners of life are you searching through and asking why?  Let's look at these three eclipses in more detail for clues.   
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Thank you for sharing this journey with us.  

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Solar Eclipse Season - Whispers From Life
This summer the zodiac is being powerfully energized by three eclipses, including not one, but two Solar Eclipses, which is not typical:
  • The first Solar Eclipse at 20 Cancer took place on July 12, 2018.
  • Then, a Lunar Eclipse at 4 Leo and Aquarius on July 27, 2018.
  • Finally, a second Solar Eclipse at 18 Leo coming up on August 11, 2018.
You could say that this is "a lot of astro-fireworks" this summer, but what does it all mean?
Whispers from Life
We can benefit by experiencing these three eclipses as "Whispers from Life". What does that mean anyway? Whispers From Life.... Here's an example from our life.
It was just over one year ago that we returned from Bavaria to the U.S. Right now, both of us have transiting Jupiter in the 4th house in the sign of Scorpio.  Hence, our thoughts turn to home and looking to expand potentially into a new home.  
We have been searching with compulsion (Scorpio) to find a home and running into one road block after another. We would get knocked down and we jump right back in. We were getting so stressed and we started asking why are we doing this?
Shortly after the first Solar Eclipse in Cancer we received an important message. When we left Bavaria, we lost our home.  
We lost our home.  
That thought fell heavily on us. We needed to acknowledge and embrace that reality. We needed to feel it and heal the many associated emotions. We have just been running and running to make our world feel normal again after Germany. But, we needed to slow down and mourn that loss in our world. We were searching with compulsion for the home we had lost and had to leave behind in such dramatic fashion.
As we sat with that message, our home search took a turn for the better and maybe in the next newsletter we will have some good news to share.  Now, for the rest of the story about the 3 eclipses....
The impact of an eclipse is sometimes felt before it occurs.  Therefore, some of you have already experienced a "whisper from life". Alternatively, you might find Life's message will arrive in events and experiences that will take place over the next 6 months. Others have probably received, like us, important message once the eclipses began and, as we look to wrap this cycle up on August 11, you will want to stay attuned to the Whispers from that inner voice or in external events.
"Whispers from Life" pairs nicely with the motto of The Traveler's Well Astrology, which is to "move in harmony with the Sun, Moon and stars". Encoded into your birth chart are the core themes of your soul's journey, themes that are uniquely yours.  
You move in harmony with your birth chart when you honor those themes, resolving old karma and taking the steps that move onto the path of dharma, or your highest potential.  
Sometimes, you are on your path, which we like to call 'following the yellow brick road of life'. At other times, we are a bit lost and wondering in the poppy field of life.  
The "whisper" we received was really right in between yellow brick road and poppy field.  On one hand, life and work are great and personal growth and transformation are flowering.  On the other hand, we were not fully conscious of how our day to day life had changed and how Germany had come to symbolize that 'comfy' place inside:  aka home.   
All astrological events are meant to help guide you to fulfill the journey encoded into your birth chart. Even though two eclipses have already passed, let's take a look at their astrological components as a grounding for the final eclipse on August 11 and a way to contemplate events or whispers you might have already received.
July 12, 2018 - Cancer Solar Eclipse oppose Pluto in Capricorn
Whisper From Life Related To Healing Emotions
A Solar Eclipse that includes an important Pluto aspect is both very powerful and a relatively rare event. There are four components to examine: the sign of Capricorn, transiting Pluto in Capricorn, the sign of Cancer and the Solar Eclipse itself.  
Solar Eclipse
POINT B in the Chart represents the sign of Capricorn. This is the point opposite the Cancer Solar Eclipse (Point A). At this point, sits Pluto in Capricorn. Let's look at Capricorn and then Pluto.
First, Capricorn embodies a range of emotions from guilt, fear and doubt to contentment when we honoring the truth that leads to wisdom and inner confidence. However, it is the guilt, fear and doubt that is rooted in our karmic past and re-established in our childhood that holds us back and keeps us feeling like we are trapped in the past and blocked from our passion, our purpose, our dharma.  
Capricorn contains the wisdom to recognize that these uncomfortable feelings are not hard boundaries, but boundaries that can be crossed. When we embrace the courage to cross these boundaries, then we move into Capricorn's land of truth and wisdom. Imagine Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, whispering into your ear:  
Saturn Rubble Of Time
"The truth is that the wisdom is already inside you. All you have to do is to embrace it! Please stop carrying the heavy baggage of fear, doubt, worry and concern. Let's step over the rubble of the past into the light of truth.'  
Second, transiting Pluto in the sign of Capricorn. Pluto is the planet of transformation and rebirth, that includes the potential for healing. It is important to note, that while Pluto has a reputation as a difficult character to work with, he is actually invested in your best interests. But, he combines the desire for transformation (the part that is supporting your best interests) with the resistance to the very transformation you need (where he gets his bad reputation from) and this unconscious tendency to resist change is why he feels so challenging. However, when you embrace Pluto in a conscious manner, he is supportive of your ability to break through the old emotional patterns that hold you back.  
If we resist, we can't accept.  
Once we accept, we can transform.
This sounds pretty heavy precisely because Pluto in Capricorn is heavy and he is moving in a Retrograde motion right now. 
In Michael Singer's "The Untethered Soul", he writes about each of us having an "emotional dog fence", or an emotional barrier that has been established in our karmic past and re-energized by our family and childhood experiences.  
Because we feel an unpleasant or shocking feeling as we approach our emotional boundaries, it is our habit to back away and retreat into a place of perceived safety.  
These emotional boundary is the unconscious side of Pluto that resists transformation and healing. In a conscious manner, we have the opportunity to recognize that we have the potential to walk through the barrier, through the dog fence. Once we are on the other side, the pain goes away! Because we are avoiding the fear of what might be on the other side, we stay in our retreated place, resisting.
POINT A in the chart represents the Sun and Moon in the sign of Cancer and the actual Solar Eclipse point. When we approach the sign of Cancer, where the Solar Eclipse takes place, we are moving into the tender, vulnerable space where the emotions of security, belonging and inner self-worth are quietly seeking to be nurtured.  
Cancer feels its environment, both external and internal. When our external environment promotes guilt, doubt and fear, Cancer has the tendency to take that external message and accept it is our internal reality.  
But, there is always an inner knowing that you are worthy, that you are a drop of light and love that is a part of the divine.  
Cancer is waiting for the time, place and circumstances to learn to explore, trust and honor that sensitive inner beauty that you are. The key is that the time, place and circumstances might just be arriving with this Solar Eclipse delivering a message related to emotional healing.   
Summary of the July 12 Solar Eclipse
Taken together, the message in this first Solar Eclipse on July 12 provides a unique opportunity for emotional healing and personal transformation that can feel like a total rebirth. One key to embracing the positive potential of this Solar Eclipse is the willingness to accept the truth and let go of what no longer serves you. Letting go of resistance and stepping through the boundaries of our fears.
Byron Katie has a wise teaching that there are three kinds of business in life: your business, other's business and God's business. Accepting the truth of how things actually are in real life is key.  
If the truth is that some people or society may have made or make you feel guilty, doubtful and fearful, it is important to accept that as a fact and to let go of the wish for them to treat you differently. Whether or not the other person changes is "their business" and not yours. "Your business" is letting go of the wish for them to change how they treat you actually releases their hold over you. Letting go is Pluto's message and path to transformation and healing.  
Let's close with an example. Think of attending a social, family gathering. Let's spare the details and cut to the conclusion. When you leave that gathering, if you focus on:
  • How come no one in my family takes care of their diet.
  • Why don't they listen to me when I share information about health.
  • Why did they laugh at me when I said I am not eating fried food.
  • Why do they blindly take medications as a cure for anything and everything.
This is Pluto's compulsion to spin on what is wrong.
But, if we simply said, 'it was nice seeing my family and I wish them well. I am committed to my path and I am content with the choices I am making about my health. What am I going to focus on this week to reinforce my decisions and my actions.'
July 27, 2018 - Lunar Eclipse with Mars conjunct the Moon   
Whisper From Life Related to Feeling Safe To Take Confident Action  
Just on Friday, we had the Lunar Eclipse that was highly touted as the Blood Moon. Let's focus on the astrology of that Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius that featured the Moon conjunct Mars with two questions being energized: "How can I feel truly safe" and "How should I take action?".  
Hard combinations of the Moon and Mars find ways to test the degree to which we feel safe (meaning, we often don't feel safe with these aspects). With the Moon in this Lunar Eclipse being in a new phase conjunction with Mars, it signals that there are new ways to work with issues of safety.  
While you may have had experiences of not feeling safe as a child or from memories of past lives, in most cases, you are safe today. In that case, recognize the pattern of old feelings and consciously come to a new conclusion: "I am safe today, I can express my unique self and I don't need to strike out at situations or others to protect myself". Once we start navigating more often than not from a position of safety (rather than protection), we feel more secure in our world
This Lunar Eclipse is Aquarius is energizing the combination of the Moon and Mars so that you can recognize a new level of self-confidence and embrace the potential to take action (Mars), not out of a sense of insecurity, but because the action is the right thing to do for you.
The fundamental trigger for the insecurities associated with this Lunar Eclipse stem from Aquarian themes.   Ways in which you feel insecure because you are unique, walking a unique path and living an individuated life. Specifically, in today's world, this can feel very unsafe at times.
August 11, 2018 - The Solar Eclipse in Leo  
Whisper From Life Related To True Confidence To Be Radiant 
The Solar Eclipse in Leo wants you to know yourself, trust yourself, to share you gifts and to direct those gifts to the right audience. This last piece, the right audience, often plays a key role.  
Leo wants you not to feel hurt or insecure because a member of your family or an old friend isn't moved by what you have to share. When we are overly invested in the recognition of everyone, it is because we are actually misdirecting our energies.  
Consider the Roman Sun god Apollo. While his radiance shines on the whole world, he can't stop those who want to stay hidden in their houses from coming out to enjoy his radiance.  
Leo wants you to know that you do have an audience and to direct your efforts to them and not to absolutely everyone in your world. For example, just think if the Beatles decided to give up creating music because they were not receiving accolades from classical music fans. The Beatles recognized they had their audience and directed their creativity to their listeners. Today, more than 50 years after the Beatles recorded Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, they are still popular.  
This Solar Eclipse is all about shining and being radiant.  The positive potential of embracing the sign of Leo fully is being confident to shine in the world.
An aspect of Leo to modulate is the intense need for admiration and adoration. When that admiration does not come, Leo can feel dejected and want to give up. If Leo feels wounded, think of the fable of the Lion with the thorn in his paw, Leo withdraws and becomes almost helpless in his neediness.
  • What if you decided against a particular diet that was good for you because others thought it was weird.
  • What if you decided not to meditate or do yoga because coworkers made fun of you.
  • What if you decided not to pursue your dream job because your family didn't understand it or was embarrassed by it.
  • What if you gave up on your dreams because no one else understood them.
  • What if Apollo gave up raising the sun every day because his family told him the job was dangerous, had bad hours and didn't pay enough.
Apollo, the Sun God boards his chariot every day to follow dawn into the sky and raise the sun. It is a dangerous job because his horses are so powerful that they are hard to control. He is committed to his ambition of spreading radiance and does not falter from his path.  
It can be challenging to shine in this world where we are taught that we need to fit in.   It is often not easy to walk a path that is uniquely your own - at least, until it isn't. It becomes easy to walk your path with confidence when you embrace what makes you unique and this theme fits nicely with the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius we just had.
The Message From Life contained in these three eclipses begins with healing our feelings so that we have the confidence to express our greatest gifts and shine.
  • The Solar Eclipse on July 12 energized the healing of emotions.
  • The Lunar Eclipse on July 27 energized our need to feel safe, to take action and to express our individuality.
  • The Solar Eclipse on August 11 will energize your capacity to be truly confident and to shine.
By listening to the "Whispers from Life" that accompany this eclipse season, you can heal and become confident in ways that can transform your life!


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