Autumn Issue, September 2018
Technical Corner: Understanding 1-10V LED Dimming
Presented by Eco-Revolution Technical Services Group

The majority of commercial dimmable LED luminaires use the 0-10V reference voltage dimming system. Commercial dimmable LED drivers respond to dimming control from 1-10 volts. This means the LEDs will only vary brightness for ranges from 10 to 100% of power output. For values below 10% of power the LEDs go to the full darkness "OFF" state. This requires that the dimming system be compatible with DC 1-10V protocol and all fixtures that are to be controlled together have the purple and gray leads in the fixture interconnected. This means that separate control wiring has to be run to each fixture. This system is not compatible with line voltage dimmers.
The chart below shows the relationship of the 0-10V reference dimming voltage to the power output and perceived light level output of the fixture.
LED Dimming Characteristics
The perceived light level is higher than the actual power level. This attribute causes it to seem brighter than the power output level and the lowest level will be greater than 10%. Often occupants will perceive the lowest level to be between 15 and 20%. It is important to take this effect into consideration for projects that need very low levels at the bottom of the range such as churches and theaters. Standard commercial 1-10V dimming drivers cannot provide low level dimming for these applications.
Buy American Act (BAA) Compliant

Eco-Revolution is pleased to announce that certain products meet the Buy American Act (BAA) Compliancy requirements. The Eco-Revolution products listed in the Certification Letter comply as "Domestic end products" manufactured in the U.S. that are "Commercially available off-the-shelf" (COTS) items. These product families are manufactured for orders in one or more of our five U.S. facilities located in Tampa, FL; Walden, NY; Memphis, TN; Cerritos, CA; and Vancouver, WA.
Download your copy of the BAA compliance Statement including compliant products from our website.
Poles in Stock

Eco-Revolution offers a variety of lighting poles and accessories to meet all your area lighting needs. We have 4" and 5" straight square and round poles, as well as 4" decorative poles. Model specific accessories are available for each.
For complete details, download your copy of the spec sheets from our website.
Decorative Full-Cutoff LED Lighting

Eco-Revolution now offers coordinating fixtures for the ECB5 full-cutoff slim bollard. The ECWBB5 is a compact wall sconce, the ECDW5 can be used as a deck light or wall accent light, and the ECNP5 provides full cutoff pathway lighting. In addition to standard 120-277V dimming drivers, the ECB5, ECDW5 and ECNP5 have a 12V driver option which allows them to be used in a low-voltage landscape lighting system. Landscape mounting accessories are available.  
Full-Cutoff LEDicated family expanded

The PowerPack full-cutoff wall mount family now includes two fixture sizes with a full range of wattages for all wall applications. The ECWPC44 and ECWPC45 both feature efficient Type IV Forward Throw optics, and are available with an optional battery backup and a variety of controls.  
New Video Releases

Eco-Revolution is continuing to develop more educational materials about the lighting industry and our products. We recently announced new videos on the Eco-Revolution Advantage and Turtle-Safe Lighting.
Links to all our videos can be found in the Resources section of our website.
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For more information about Turtle-Safe Lighting, visit the Florida Wildlife Commission website.
Tradeshow Update

We will be attending the following shows this Autumn:
NALMCO 2018, Orlando, FL, October 7-10
WEEC 2018, Charlotte, NC, October 17-19