Summer Issue, June 2019
Energy Saving Sports Lighter

LED Sports Lighter The ECSP52Q 536W LED sports lighter   offers an energy savings of 64% over the Metal Halide 1500W sports lighter. The specially designed NEMA 2, 3, 4, and 5 optics deliver up to 65,000 lumens while providing uniform light levels with more tightly-controlled light trespass than conventional metal halide fixtures, resulting in fewer complaints from neighboring homeowners and businesses. The longer lifespan of LEDs results in greatly reduced maintenance costs while delivering a higher lumen maintenance rate than metal halide. For complete specifications, download our specification sheet: ECSP52Q LED Sports Lighter
You Want a Product That Lasts -
And at a Price You Can't Pass Up

With the proliferation of low-cost LED products in the market, there is growing concern about reliability and longevity. For example, in the news recently was Detroit's issue with a large batch of LED street light premature failures attributed to excessive heat in the fixtures. Eco-Revolution manufacturers its products to perform equally as well as the Tier 1 manufacturers (the Big 4) but with a price at the level of a Tier 2 manufacturer. When you consider potential future maintenance costs for lower-cost products, the question becomes "For a little more cost up front, why should I buy a Tier 3 product when I can buy a Tier 1 quality product at a Tier 2 price?" Factoring in potential repair costs along with the accompanying headaches in getting them replaced or repaired, and the dissatisfaction of the end users, it is easy to see that the least expensive route is not always the best value.
Buy American Act

Our U.S. assembly and fabrication capabilities provide for compliance to BAA requirements for commercially available off-the-shelf (COTS) items. Visit our website to download the Certification Letter listing the COTS items.
Updated LED Product Catalog

Eco-Revolution has an updated LED Product Catalog, including our new Aeroform family of products. Download your copy today.
LED Product Catalog
New Video:
Live LEDicated Kitty Hawk Assembly

We are pleased to announce our newest video showing the assembly of the LEDicated Kitty Hawk.

Links to all our videos can be found on our website in the Resources section. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and set your preferences to be notified of future videos.
Lightfair 2019

Eco-Revolution   was proud to exhibit at Lightfair 2019 in Philadelphia, PA, May 21-23. Look for us again next year in Las Vegas with a new booth design and, as always, new products for you.
Lightfair 2019
Tradeshow Review

This month we exhibited at AEE West 2019, Santa Clara, CA, June 5th-6th.
AEE West