Autumn 2016 Issue
Enhanced Spec Sheets
Eco-Revolution has launched updated and more comprehensive Specification Sheets for our LED products. These new sheets are available on our website and contain a wide variety of product specific information including LED Life Ratings at various ambient temperatures, photometric performance tables, mounting height recommendations, and equivalents to HID systems. We have prepared video and Sway presentations showing these useful features, which can be viewed at the following links:

Eco-Revolution Spec Sheet Video
Eco-Revolution Sway for Mobile
Eco video screen shot
New Products

We recently introduced Aisle Lighter optics for our HB44 and HB45 LED highbays. These high performance optics replace up to 1000w MH and provide superior lumen maintenance and vertical rack illumination. In one warehouse application, four of our 273-watt HB45 fixtures were used to replace seven 400-watt MH highbays, resulting in a 63% energy savings alone. The MH system had a 21.5 maintained foot-candle average, while the new LED system will produce a 33.7 maintained average.

HB45 and KH45 Coming soon are 30-degree optics for our LED highbays and flood lights. These will produce highly concentrated light distributions that provide increased foot-candle levels for specialty applications. The ECHB44 and ECHB45 highbay versions will be useful for very high ceiling applications such as aircraft hangars, aircraft manufacturing, and convention centers with mounting heights above 35 feet. The flood light series will provide accent lighting for flagpoles, tall building facades, and outdoor architectural lighting where fixtures must be mounted at distances of 30 feet or more from the lighted area.
Now In Stock

ECB1C3 & ECB2C3 COB LED Round and Square Bollards
ECVN55Q ThermaLED Garage Lighter
ECGL73C3 Easy-Gro LED Grow Light
ECKH15Q Bentley ThermaLED Mini Kitty Hawk Area Light
ECST30Q & ECST35Q Bentley Small and Large Area/Roadway Lights with multiple mounting options

Click the links above for complete product details.  
Now In Stock
New Sales Agents

We are pleased to welcome four new Agents to our sales force:
  • Tri-Lite Sales Inc. - Indiana
  • Power Network Group dba PNG - Florida, Africa, Caribbean, and Central & South America
  • The Reeves Company - Oregon, Washington, Montana, and Idaho
  • Integrity Sales - Wisconsin and Upper Peninsula of Michigan
Positive Impact of ThermaLED & LEDicated

LEDicated is an LED dedicated luminaire that has been designed solely for LED light sources. The housing has integrated heat management and is engineered for IP67 sealing of the LEDs. All facets of the design process to develop Eco-Revolution LEDicated fixtures are devoted to creating an environment for the optimal LED performance.
  • The housing is die cast aluminum 100% copper free A360 (LM6) alloy from ingot, with no recycled content
  • The housing serves as the LED heat sink and creates a sealed environment
  • Gaskets are robotically applied to the housing to create a consistent seal and assure that every fixture achieves stated IP67 rating
  • Fixture includes a separate sealed driver compartment with finned heat sink door
  • Hardware is nickel plated stainless steel to eliminate seizing over time
  • LED Array utilizes a high quality aluminum board uniquely designed for each fixture to provide optimal heat dissipation and light output
  • Circuit design on the array optimizes LED output with parallel circuits and 525 mA drive current
  • Drivers are IP67 rated variable voltage 120-277 input, 10% THD with 1-10V dimming standard 
  • High quality glass or polycarbonate lenses provide sealing with maximum light output
Tradeshow Update

Eco-Revolution was proud to attend and exhibit at the following tradeshows and conferences:

NALMCO in Dallas, TX, October 9th-12th
attended with QSSI
2016 NAESCO Convention in Scottsdale, AZ, November 16th-18th
Upcoming Tradeshows

Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA, March 22-23

West Coast EMC
Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, CA, June 7-8