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 Lumber exports to China on the rise.


  The value of imports of softwood lumber to China in January-September 2013 increased by 25.9 per cent year-on-year, to  reach US$2.64 billion, said What Wood Thursday. After the slowdown in 2012, the rise of the housing market in the country triggered a boom for roundwood and sawnwood. In the coming years, Chinese villagers will continue moving to the cities, and the demand for cheap housing will continue to grow, so by 2015 the Forestry Agency of China predicts a serious shortage of wood products.


Timber is your # 1 investment between now and 2018 according to Investment Guru, Jeremy Granthams.
Jeremy Grantham is a British investor and co-founder and chief investment strategist of Grantham Mayo van Otterloo (GMO), a Boston-based asset management firm. GMO is one of the largest managers of such funds in the world, having more than US $97 billion in assets under management as of December 2011. Grantham is regarded as a highly knowledgeable investor in various stock, bond, and commodity markets, and is particularly noted for his prediction of various bubbles. He has been a vocal critic of various governmental responses to the Global Financial Crisis. Grantham started one of the world's first index funds in the early 1970s.

On his latest 7 - Year asset prediction, you would be surprised to know that # 1 on his list of investment allocations was TIMBER. GMO recently made a $140 Million investment in Uruguay Eucalyptus plantations.

If you want to learn more about why he selected timber as a number one asset to invest for the next 7 years, CLICK HERE


Brazil says Amazon deforestation rose 28% in a year.

Amazon Deforestation



The government is working to reverse this "crime", Environment Minister Izabella Teixeira said.


Activists have blamed the increase in destruction on a controversial reform to Brazil's forest protection law.

Last year Brazil reported the lowest rate of deforestation in the Amazon since monitoring began.



The provisional statistics from August 2012 to last July suggest that the area suffering deforestation was 5,843 sq km (2,255 sq miles), compared to 4,571 sq km (1,765 sq miles) in the previous 12 months.


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 Google Launches World's First High-Resolution Interactive Map of Global Deforestation

Click on the image to access the interactive deforestation map

 A new high-resolution global map of forest loss and gain has been created with the help of Google Earth.

The interactive online tool is publicly available and zooms in to a remarkably high level of local detail - a resolution of 30m.

It charts the story of the world's tree canopies from 2000 to 2012, based on 650,000 satellite images by Landsat 7.

In that time, the Earth lost a combined "forest" the size of Mongolia, enough trees to cover the UK six times.

Mapping Deforestation with Google Earth
Mapping Deforestation with Google Earth

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$280m forests initiative launched at UN climate talks in Warsaw
UK, US and Norway to fund drive to save world's forests and encourage sustainable agriculture to cut deforestation. 

A new $280m (�173m) initiative to help save the world's remaining forests was launched by the UK, the US and Norway at the United Nations climate change talks in Warsaw on Wednesday.

The money is aimed at encouraging the sustainable use of land, including ensuring that fewer forests are lost to agriculture - the biggest cause of deforestation - and that there is a market for sustainably produced forestry goods, including food, fibre and timber.

Norway is earmarking up to $135m, the UK $120 million and the US $25m for the first year.



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