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June 2013                                                                                                              

Following our commitment to you, please find enclosed our latest newsletter with information about Ecoforests and the Forestry Industry.

Ecoforests reaches a milestone and launches a sister company : Quinguz Teak EcoHomes.

EcoForests,  has launched a sister company: QuinGuz Teak EcoHomes. QuinGuz Teak EcoHomes designs and sells pre-built teak homes and other products that are later shipped worldwide. The variety in designs and customization of products ensure deman  d for the teak and offers EcoForests additional control over the price at which teak from their plantations is sold, resulting in an upside benefit for investors. QuinGuz Teak EcoHomes has the advantage of an assurance in the quality and supply of teak; EcoForests is committed to producing quality timber throughout each step of the growth cycle, from planting until the harvesting, and most recently, securing demand for their own product.


The EcoHomes are designed by award-winning Chilean architect, Victor, Hugo Guzman. As with EcoForests, customers who chose QuinGuz Teak EcoHomes can be assured that they are working with a company with a commitment to the environment and sustainable practices.





This next step towards further vertical integration demonstrates the commitment of EcoForests to obtain the highest price for their teak to ensure investors are getting the highest returns on their investments. This pair of companies is well poised to deliver exactly what their customers and investors demand and have come to expect.





  If you would like to learn more visit our website here : Quinguz Teak EcoHomes Website



Importation of logs and lumber to China were up over ten percent the first four months of 2013.  
Chinese demand for lumber and logs has had a resurgence, with importation during the first four months of 2013 being over ten percent higher than the same period in 2012, report the Wood Resource Quarterly. The total value of North American imports was up 30 percent from 2012.
Canada Exports to China in 2013
Canada's Log Export to China 2012-1013

Seattle, USA. China's hunger for wood was less acute in 2012 than in the previous year. In particular, importation of softwood logs fell substantially from the record levels of 2011. Importation of lumber was also lower in 2012, but the decline was much less than that of logs. The biggest changes in log and lumber imports between 2011 and 2012 were the sharp decline of Russian log volumes crossing the Chinese border and the reduced lumber shipments from the US to Chinese ports, as reported in the Wood Resource Quarterly. During the first four months of 2013, import volumes of both logs and lumber picked up and were 12 percent and 19 percent higher, respectively, than in the same period in 2012.  


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The Wood Resource Quarterly reports about European wood exports.


Sawmills in Sweden and Finland have expanded shipments of lumber to markets outside Europe from 27% to 43% of total exports the past five years, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly 
Many sawmills in Northern Europe have expanded their lumber sales outside the Europe market the past few years resulting in an increase in non-European exports from 27 percent of total exports in 2007 to 43 percent in 2012, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly. The biggest changes have been in shipments to Northern Africa, Middle East, Japan, China and the US.  

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To further enhance its corporate communications with investors, the media and professional associations around the globe, EcoForests has launched a YouTube channel, along with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages available in both English and Spanish.


"Here at EcoForests we understand that modes of communication have changed drastically from what they were 10 years ago," says Michael Ackerman, COO of EcoForests. "Even though our recent entry into the realm of social media will not change the conventional ways in which we communicate with our clients and prospective investors, we are happy about the decision to open our doors to this trendy marketing medium."


EcoForests has already uploaded several videos on YouTube, posted numerous comments and useful links on Facebook, and tweeted multiple times to provide followers with relevant information pertaining to environmental awareness and forestry related investments.


"We plan to be very active on each social network," claims Ackerman. "Our fans, followers and friends will be able to learn about the forestry industry, our corporate activities, upcoming events and important industry news."


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Ecoforests - Corporate Presentation (2012)
Ecoforests - Corporate Presentation 
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Investing in Teak Forestry 14 Reasons Why

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